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10 Hidden Cost of Travelling

May 08, 2019

10 Hidden Cost of Travelling Abroad

Read up to recognise and avoid these costs in a foreign land!

  1. Currency Exchange: This can end up stripping you of your precious dollars as you go about encashing those travellers’ cheques or exchanging your currency. So the best thing to do would be to carry a forex card and top it up to use as a debit card with minimal charges. 

  2. Credit Card Transactions: When you conduct a foreign transaction on your credit card, you can easily get charged 1% to 3% every time. So ensure that you use a multi-currency forex card or avoid using your credit card for too many transactions.

  3. Baggage and Airline Charges:
    When you book your ticket, you may not realise that there is a nominal fee for each checked in baggage which can quickly add up in case of multiple hop over flights. Plan ahead and try not to buy a cheap ticket around the date of your travel to avoid this cost.

  4. Incidentals: Using Wifi, tipping the waiters in the local currency, laundry, voltage converters and many other such charges can leave you high and dry in the middle of the trip. Carry an internal calling card with 3g services and keep plenty of cash aside for small expenses. Get yourself pocket Wifi to avoid this cost too.

  5. Rentals: Using rentals like strollers and other gear can actually turn out to be quite expensive. Try to carry these things with you when you travel.

  6. Additional Taxes: Hotels and resorts may charge additional taxes per day, so ensure that you speak with a local at the hotel to find out more as soon as you arrive.

  7. Roaming: Get an international calling card rather than paying hefty amounts for roaming on your phone. Alternatively, explore Skype or Whatsapp calling.

  8. Cabs: Getting a cab may be a good idea if you can share with like minded people and families so that you can split the bill and avoid the extra charges.

  9. Room Service: Try to eat your meals in the restaurant of the hotel and during meal times so that you avoid shelling out extra for room service, which slowly adds up to a lot in the final bill for your stay.

  10. Plan Ahead: Always ensure that you plan ahead for the smallest costs as these costs can eat up a big chunk of your budget by the end of your overseas holiday. Remember to always add extra cash to the final amount before you travel.

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