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"Webinar on Guidance for student Visa Application & Interview - AMA Session"

Mr. Sunil Kumar, Director of Moves Education & Immigration Pvt Ltd. is an Indian Coordinator of Washburn University USA, India Office for 3 years. He is the official representative in India for various reputed colleges and universities in USA, Canada, U.K. Europe and Australia. MOVESEDU focuses on 3 Core Areas-Consulting, Professional Development and Study Abroad.

Topics Covered:
  • Deadline for student Visa Application
  • Guidelines for visa interviews
  • Different Requirements for Different Countries
  • Supporting Documentation (Know Your Specific Situation or History)
  • Know the Program and How It Fits Your Career Plans
  • Dependents Remaining at Home
  • Financial Assistance
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Ties to Home Country
  • Appointment Availability in Embassy


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