Paris travel guide for Indian travellers

April 04, 2018

Paris Travel Guide For Indian Travellers


This city is on everyone’s bucket list and the reasons are many. Its centuries old churches, museums with vast collections of art, chic fashion and an atmosphere all its own draw millions of visitors every year.

The idea that Parisians are unfriendly and rude is a stereotype. If one makes a little effort to learn a few pleasantries in French, like "bonjour" (good day) or "bonsoir" (good evening) it will earn you many smiles and make your trip much more enjoyable.

Notre-Dame Cathedral

Located along the Seine, it’s about 1000 years old and took another 200 years to complete. The cathedral is highly detailed; something that you will notice the closer you get to it. If you want to climb to the top (387 steps) be prepared to climb down after just a few minutes. The space at the top is limited and there’s always a rush.

Musee du Louvre- Louvre Museum

The museum opened in 1793 and has some 35,000 works of art including the Venus de Milo and Leonardo’s Mona Lisa. Before the Louvre became a museum, it was the residence of Louis XIV and other heads of state. This museum is shut on Tuesdays.

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower was constructed for the World’s Fair of 1889 and meant to be a temporary structure. The chief architect of the tower Gustav Eiffel prevented it’s demolition by conducting scientific experiments and one experiment, wireless transmission was a great success.

Versailles Palace, 14 miles from Paris

Originally built as a very modest hunting lodge by King Louis XIII, it was Louis the XIV who moved the French court and government here. Its most famous attraction is the Hall of Mirrors. During the French Revolution, Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI were forced out of the palace and thereafter it was virtually abandoned. From March to November, the first Sunday of every month admission to Versailles is free.

Centre Pompidou

Centre Pompidou is not everyone’s cup of tea; if you do not like modern art, you probably won’t enjoy it much. This “inside out” cultural center has elevators, escalators, pipes and plumbing all outside the building. Inside you will find 100,000 pieces of art, including those by Cézanne, Matisse and even Andy Warhol.

Paris Catacombs

As the city grew, graveyards in Paris ran out of space and exposed graves sometimes stunk up the surroundings. The solution was 65 feet beneath Paris in the form of abandoned underground limestone quarries. Six million bodies were moved here from Parisien graves.

If you plan to visit Paris this summer, you will have to start preparing now. With summer vacations fast approaching ticket prices will increase and hotel bookings availability will become scarce. Also, by booking early you can avail many discounts. EbixCash World Money multi-currency Forex cards with pin and chip security are the best option for carrying money for your visit. Getting a travel insurance before visiting abroad would be a good idea too.

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