All Mumbai INR to JPY exchange rate

Mumbai: The economic epicentre of India

Mumbai has been an important city for India since time immemorial. Over the years, Mumbai has significantly expanded its national as well as international roles. Today, Mumbai has evolved into one of the world’s top ten commerce centres in terms of global financial flow. The city is home to many multinational corporations and attracts tourists from all over the world. Thus, foreign exchange services have always been highly demanded in Mumbai. Over the years, hundreds of money changers have operated and grown here. But, owing to the consistent increase in the demand of Japanese Yen in Mumbai, the city was lacking the best and most trustworthy money changer until EbixCash World Money came along. EbixCash World Money revolutionized the way of handling foreign exchange in Mumbai. JPY to INR conversion and vice versa became simpler and much more convenient since BuyForex offered the best services along with online exchange facilities. Today, people exchange INR to JPY or JPY to INR at the best forex rates from BuyForex.

The services offered by EbixCash World Money Limited

EbixCash World Money began its journey to excellence in the foreign exchange and remittance market in 1993. Since then, we have been a leading Indian Foreign Exchange Provider Company in India. We are a dedicated money changer company committed to perfection and unmatched precision. Our professionalism and result driven philosophies has helped us excel in the fields of foreign exchange, remittance, tours, travel, and insurance. In these fields, we strive to offer the best products and services, which include:

  • Currency exchange services
  • Student forex
  • Travel cards and traveller’s cheques
  • Nationwide forex delivery
  • Remittance for trade-related imports
  • Foreign currency demand drafts and telegraphic transfer
  • Travel insurance and tours

At EbixCash World Money, we value our customers more than anything else. Our professional team members know only one goal: to deliver the best and be the best for our beloved clients.

Why EbixCash World Money is your best bet to convert your rupees into Japanese Yen in Mumbai

In the market of foreign exchange and remittance, EbixCash World Money is renowned for offering the best forex rates in the country. We believe that the key to success is complete customer satisfaction and a professional approach to work. And we have been successfully doing so since our inception. Our desire to achieve sheer perfection and accuracy has helped us evolve into the leading money changer in the country. Today, we have a network that extends all over the nation with over two hundred locations. Below are a few facts in support of the statement that we are the right choice for your foreign exchange needs:

  • We have a team of skilled professionals who never fail to completely satisfy their customers and deliver the highest quality services that meet the highest international standards.
  • At EbixCash World Money, we are driven by the philosophy of complete transparency and mutual learning as well as understanding.
  • We walk our clients through the entire money changing process and try to answer all their queries in the simplest way possible.
  • To offer our clients the benefits of utmost convenience, we provide online buying and selling of foreign exchange with the quickest turnaround time.

Mumbai INR to JPY average exchange rates

The JPY or the Japanese Yen (often referred to as simply Yen)

is the official currency of Japan. It is the third most traded currency in the world in the foreign exchange market.

  • The Yen was officially adopted by the Meiji government on 27th June, 1871.
  • It is also widely used as a reserve currency.
  • The Japanese government has maintained a policy of currency interventions since 1973. To this day, the Yen is under a ‘dirty float’ regime.
  • The average exchange rate for 1 JPY in July, 2018 was Rs. 0.62.
  • In August, 2018, the average exchange rate for 1 JPY was Rs. 0.63.
  • The average exchange rate for 1 JPY was Rs. 0.64 in September, 2018.
  • The current average exchange rate in April, 2019 for 1 JPY is Rs. 0.62.