Shanghai - A Premier City

August 01, 2018

Shanghai - A Premier City

Although a thousand years old, Shanghai was just a small village on the Yangzi River Delta; it rose to prominence after the first Opium War. The British forced the Chinese Emperor to allow opium into China to balance their trade deficit caused by buying tea from China.

After the war, the village was carved up into autonomous regions by Britain, USA and France and other European powers and Chinese law was made invalid here.  Private merchants (including Indian Parsis) set up business dealing in opium; stupendous profits soon made it a city that catered to every whim of the rich. With the Japanese invasion and the rise of the communists, the party finally came to an end in 1943.

Shanghai Circus World is just what it claims to be. It is the epicenter of gymnastics, traditional acrobatics and martial arts. Shanghai Circus World showcases this talent with beautiful sets, music and lighting.

Shanghai Maglev Train: Have you ever tried to connect the same poles of two powerful magnets and felt them repulse each other? This same principle is applied to Maglev Trains to make them move without friction. At 430 km/h it reaches Pudong in eight minutes.

The Oriental Pearl Tower was built in the early 1990’s and was the tallest structure then at 1,535 feet. It has a glass floor on its observation deck which some consider the most thrilling attraction in Shanghai.

Shanghai Museum is the best in China and its five floors showcase the best that was once ancient China. With over 120, 000 pieces and 11 galleries, it’s free to all visitors.

Shanghai World Financial Center is 1,614 feet high and has 101 floors. This building hosts 20 major financial companies and it has shopping malls and a huge hotel.

Nanjing Road attracts a million shoppers a day and is divided into east and west. The western section is lined with high end shops, hotels and restaurants. The eastern section is a pedestrian only mall and you don’t have to worry about cars but just hawkers zooming on roller skates.

The Bund is the section where the Europeans first set up warehouses and built buildings in various architectural styles. The best time to visit the bund is at night when the surrounding skyscrapers are lit up like Christmas trees.

Yu Garden was created by a Ming Dynasty official as a tranquil retreat for his parents. This classically designed garden has rookeries, ponds, pagodas and lush vegetation to help you relax. 

China is changing by the day and so is Shanghai, its premier city. To see this transition first hand, you should book well in advance as to get maximum discounts and best deals. Before setting out, get adequate local currency for all your travel expenses. And don’t forget to buy travel insurance before you go. If you wish to get the best forex card or have any other queries related to the pre-paid travel card; feel free to reach us on +91 7303401234.

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