Today, as the fastest growing metropolis in India, Bengaluru attracts talents and sparkiest minds from all over India as well as the world. Dubbed as the IT hub of the country, Bengaluru has an increasing number of foreign individuals coming to do business and/or work the IT firms in the city. Its tourism industry has also been vibrant over the years. As such, Bengaluru witnesses a lot of tourist action all year round. Hence, Bengaluru has been an epicentre for foreign exchange activities. Several money changers have operated and grown here in the past. But still, people faced difficulties in finding the best and most trustworthy money changer in the city, owing to the consistent increase in the demand of Canadian Dollar in Bengaluru. This changed when EBIXCASH World Money came into the picture. EBIXCASH World Money revolutionized the market of foreign exchange in Bengaluru and quickly became the leading money changer in the country. CAD to INR conversion, and vice versa, became simpler and much more convenient since EBIXCASH World Money offered the best services along with online exchange facilities. Today, people exchange INR to CAD or CAD to INR at the best forex rates from EBIXCASH World Money and get the rates they see on forex sites and search engines.


Bangalore INR to CAD average exchange rates

The Canadian Dollar (CAD) is the official currency of Canada. It is the fifth most held reserve currency in the world.

  • The CAD is the 7th most traded currency in the foreign exchange market.
  • It is often referred to as the ‘loonie’.
  • The Canadian Dollar has been in use since 1858.

If you are looking to buy or exchange CAD in Bangalore, then you must know the following information:

  • In July 2018, the average exchange rate for 1 CAD was Rs. 52.3.
  • The average exchange rate went up to Rs. 53.26 in August 2018 for 1 CAD.
  • The average exchange rate went further up to Rs. 55.32 for 1 CAD in September 2018.
  • Currently, in October 2018, the average exchange rate is Rs. 56.95 for 1 CAD.


Why EBIXCASH World Money is the right choice to convert your rupees into Canadian Dollars in Bangalore

EBIXCASH World Money has a reputation of offering the best forex rates in the country. Since its establishment in 1993, EBIXCASH World Money has been dominating the market of foreign exchange and remittance with its professionalism and dedication to complete customer satisfaction. Currently, we have a network that almost covers the entire nation with over two hundred locations. At EBIXCASH World Money, customer satisfaction is our most important investment. Hence, if you choose us for the job of foreign exchange in Bangalore, you can be sure of the following facts:

  • Our topmost priority is to make our clients fully happy and completely satisfied. Hence, we maintain the highest levels of transparency in our work.
  • Our expert team members consistently update themselves on the recent trends to ensure that our clients get the most value out of their investments.
  • To make things simpler and more convenient for our valuable clients, we offer online buying and selling of foreign exchange with the quickest turnaround time.
  • We feel proud to let you know that we have been upgraded from the position of a Full Fledged Money Changer to an Authorised Dealer under Category ll by the Reserve Bank of India.


The services offered by EBIXCASH World Money

As a leading Indian Foreign Exchange Provider Company, EBIXCASH World Money has been achieving excellence in the market of foreign exchange and remittance since its inception. Our motto is to achieve the utmost satisfaction of our clients through our professional services that meet the highest international standards. These services, in the fields of foreign exchange, remittance, insurance, tours, and travel, include the following:

  • Currency exchange services
  • Student forex
  • Travel cards and traveller’s cheques
  • Nationwide forex delivery
  • Remittance for trade-related imports through Western Union Business Solutions
  • Western union domestic money transfer
  • Import and export of foreign currency
  • Foreign currency demand drafts and telegraphic transfer
  • Travel insurance and tours

These services are offered by our expert team members who have unmatched experience and precision in this industry. They are committed to being the best and delivering the best to our valuable clients.