Avail best bangalore INR to AUD exchange rates. Bangalore is the most vibrant city of India and the fastest growing cosmopolitan city in Asia. Bangalore is the leading IT exporter of the country. This city also has the highest number of engineers in India. It’s no wonder that Bangalore attracts IT firms and tech enthusiasts from all across the world. In fact, Bangalore houses headquarters of many famous and important multinational corporations like Microsoft, Google, IBM, Infosys, Oracle, and much more. Needless to say, Bangalore is internationally connected to many foreign countries and has always been an active center for foreign exchange activities. Over the years, several money changers have operated and grown here. But, the demand of Australian Dollar in Bangalore consistently increased and people could not find the best and most trustworthy money changer until EBIXCASH World Money came along. EBIXCASH World Money revolutionized the market of foreign exchange in Bangalore. AUD to INR conversion, and vice versa, became simpler and much more convenient since EBIXCASH World Money offered the best services along with online exchange facilities. Today, people exchange INR to AUD or AUD to INR at the best forex rates from EBIXCASH World Money.


Bangalore INR to AUD average exchange rates

The AUD or the Australian Dollar is the official currency of Australia.The AUD is also used as a currency in its external territories like Cocos Islands, Norfolk Islands, Christmas Island, and the independent states of the Pacific Island (Kiribati, Nauru, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu).

  • The AUD was introduced to the world on 14th February, 1966.
  • The AUD was the legal tender of Papua New Guinea till 1st of January in 1976.
  • As of 2016, the Australian Dollar was the fifth most traded currency in the world.

If you want to exchange AUD in Bangalore, then you must know about the recent history of Bangalore INR to AUD exchange rates:

  • The average exchange rate for 1 AUD was Rs. 50.87 in July, 2018.
  • In August 2018, the average exchange rate went up to Rs. 50.94 for 1 AUD.
  • It went further up to Rs. 51.88 in September, 2018.
  • The current average exchange rate in October, 2018 is Rs. 52.45 for 1 AUD.


Why EBIXCASH World Money is the right choice to convert your rupees into Australian Dollars in Bangalore

Since our inception in 1993, EBIXCASH World Money has had a fruitful journey and learning experience in becoming the best and most sought after money changer in the country. And we have been able to evolve into the same by offering the best forex rates. So, if you are in need of foreign exchange in Bangalore, we are your best bet. And if you pick us for the job, you can be absolutely certain of the following facts:

  • At EBIXCASH World Money, our most important objective is customer satisfaction and making our clients fully happy.
  • We believe in the philosophies of sheer transparency and mutual understanding to maintain a healthy working relationship.
  • We walk our clients through the entire process, educating them and answering all their queries along the way.
  • Our expert team members deliver nothing short of top rated services that meet the highest international standards.
  • We also offer the facilities to buy and sell foreign exchange online with the quickest turnaround time because our clients deserve the benefits of utmost convenience.
  • The Reserve Bank of India has rewarded our hard work by upgrading our status from a Full Fledged Money Changer to an Authorised Dealer under Category ||.


The services offered by EBIXCASH World Money

EBIXCASH World Money is a leading Indian Foreign Exchange Provider Company in the fields of foreign exchange, remittance, tours, travel, and insurance. We have over a decade of valuable experience and unmatched expertise in offering professional services in the foreign exchange and remittance market. At EBIXCASH World Money, customer satisfaction is our topmost priority and our expert team members never rest till the same has been unconditionally achieved. We offer the following specialised services:

  • Currency exchange services
  • Student forex
  • Travel cards and traveller’s cheques
  • Nationwide forex delivery
  • Remittance for trade-related imports through Western Union Business Solutions
  • Western union domestic money transfer
  • Import and export of foreign currency
  • Foreign currency demand drafts and telegraphic transfer
  • Travel insurance and tours

EBIXCASH World Money is a leading money changer in the country. Our team members are industry savvy professionals and qualified experts whose only goal is to make our clients happy.