Best European Cities for Young Visitors

March 26, 2018

Best European Cities for Young Visitors

To compile this list we will assume that the young tourist doesn't have money to burn, loves music, night life and enjoys delicious street food. And if you are not young, it’s still relevant if you are young at heart.

Berlin, Germany

This city has an impressive roster of art galleries, museums and historic neighborhoods that can be explored by day. By night the city transforms into the night club capital of the world. Another interesting fact about Berlin is that the city has no official closing time. Enjoy live bands instead of Dj’s and improvised jam sessions to get you grooving.

ČeskýKrumlov, Czech Republic

Known as the best place you haven’t heard about, ČeskýKrumlov is situated two hours from Czech capital of Prague. This castle city in Bohemia region of Czech Republic has narrow cobbled streets and is on the banks of the Vltava River. This means there are plenty of riverside cafes and bars to frequent and it’s a popular place for canoeing and river rafting too. The old town is on the UNESCO World Heritage list too.

Lviv, Ukraine

This city has everything going for it. It’s inexpensive, has a coffee house culture, a museum of beer and brewing and the oldest functioning brewery in the country. And all the world knows Ukrainian girls are pretty.

Florence, Italy

Specially recommended to the art and culture lovers, this city will steal your heart and captivate your soul. It’s Michelangelo’s city where he sculpted David and home of the Uffizi, a museum and gallery that labels itself as the heart of the renaissance. Other attractions are Ponte Vecchio, Piazzale Michelangelo and Florentine s roadside eateries.

Reykjavik, Iceland

This city has no business being in this list, it’s quite expensive so we’ll assume that a distant relative kicked the bucket that was full of cash just for you. This is the northernmost capital of any city. In summertime, you get 22 hours to party because the night is just 2 hours long. Don’t be a fool and imagine it’s a 24 hour party during winter. The geothermal springs don’t depend on the sun so enjoy them 24 X 365.

Ibiza, Spain

Keep it a secret from the older folks when you visit it; they know all about it and you don’t want the Q & A and the frowns.


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