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Top 10 Budget International Holiday destinations for Indians

March 15, 2018

Top 10 Budget International Holiday destinations for Indians  (part1)


This list is compiled with budget in mind and only includes countries that give you the most bang for your bucks. 

Top of our list is:

1. Thailand. It’s the most visited foreign country by Indians. The people are gregarious, the climate balmy and the street side food is cheap and amazing. Activities you can indulge in are visiting night clubs (Pattya), incredible spas, fantastic beaches (Kraba)and mountain trekking ( Koh Samui).

Air Tickets should cost between 15k to 20k and daily expenditure 3k to 3.5 k.

2. Turkey is another great destination. Steeped in history and dotted with great palaces, mosques and ancient cities. It has great bazaars that will mesmerize you and a very rich and varied culture. Turkey is truly an international tourist destination.

Air Tickets 25k from Mumbai. Daily expenses 2.5k.

3. United Arab Emirates and Dubai specifically, where you can shop till you drop and get great discounts. The whole city is one great duty free mall and during the Dubai Shopping Festival, the shopping frenzy will leave you breathless. Other distractions are desert safaris, Burj Khalifa, indoor skiing and the grand marble mosques of Abu Dhabi.

Air Tickets 15k to 20k. Daily expenses 5k to 6k.

4. Czech Republic lies in the heart of Europe and Prague, its capital is one of the cheapest cities in Europe.  This has made it the most popular European destination for Bachelor and hen parties (these are same sex parties thrown by the soon to be bride or groom). The beer is cheap and a hearty meal will cost just a few Czech crowns. The city is beautiful, full of history and easily explored by foot.

Air Ticket approx. 50k. Daily expenses 5k plus.

5. China was a great power in the ancient world and is again resurgent. It’s a huge country, rich in history and a distinct culture. A culinary tradition that has made such a great impact that even we Indians have adopted it and call it ‘Indian Chinese’. Then we have the Great Wall of China- the only man made structure visible from space. Peaking has the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace. Shanghai, with its Bund glitters with ultra-chic shops and an amazing skyline. Another powerful draw to visit China is the business opportunities it offers.

Air Tickets 30k to 35k. Daily expenses 2k to 3k.

You will find the countries listed above safe and welcoming destinations for most visitors.

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Bon Voyage

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