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Mosque in Dubai

May 21, 2019

Mosque in Dubai

A serene hush falls over you as you are cocooned in awe-inspiring, intricate art and an aura of the simple divine. That is the meditative charm of a place of worship. While Dubai is well known for its entertainment quotient, what this popular tourist destination also contains are some of the world’s most stunning mosques that stand like pillars of Middle Eastern history, culture and its affinity for art that is ornate and breath taking. If you are planning a trip to this side of the world, these are a must see. Read our list to learn more!

Jumeirah Mosque

Situated at a convenient location opposite the Dubai Marine Beach Resort in Jumeirah 1, this mosque is a jaw dropping structure that is also said to be the most photographed in the United Arab Emirates.

This mosque attracts Islamic followers and tourists from all over the world thanks to its brilliant design and architecture. While its exterior is all about gold and the sand coloured hues that dominate the region, the interiors are spell binding thanks to the muted colours that line the murals in their subtle tones.

Iranian Mosque

The Iranian Mosque in Al Wasl is famous for being the only Iranian one in the United Arab Emirates. This mosque is done up in brilliant shades of blue and green and exudes a rich charm filled with intricate patterns and art work. From the walls, to the ceiling and the mosaic on the floor, this mosque depicts the fine craftsmanship of this part of world. Floral motifs and a Persian style of architectural detailing makes this a must visit site.

Al Farooq Omar Ibn Al Khattab Mosque

Standing tall in Umm Suqueim, this mosque is a splendid piece of architecture in pristine white.

The minarets of this mosque rise high and seem to pierce through the clouds with their pointed tops. Artistic looking arches stand proudly in front as pillars and modern looking walls stand to a side. The design of this mosque takes inspiration from a similar mosque in Istanbul.

Al Salam Mosquealam Mosque

This mosque can be found in Al Barsha. The robust looking sand coloured façade follows a linear and symmetrical pattern of steps outlined with a slim line of white for an artistic look. Inside the mosque, the arches fall in fluid layers, the likes of which can rarely be seen in any other structure here. Gold, white and green greet the visitor inside.

Khalifa Al Tajer Mosque


The Khalifa Al tajer Mosque is in the Deira neighbourhood of Dubai. This one is known as the first eco-friendly mosque in all of Dubai and it combines the striking beauty of beige, black and white in its linear structure and design. The pretty pattern on the mosaic floor is also an arresting sight.

Dubai is full of architectural beauty and amazing structures that are talked about the world over. These five mosques add to the charm of this well-loved tourist destination. Before you head to Dubai, make sure you’ve arranged for your foreign exchange requirements in advance. To get the best rates for UAE Dirham, check out



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