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Greece travel guide for Indians

April 12, 2018

Greece travel guide for Indians

Known as the cradle of western civilization, Greece can be a very rewarding in many ways. It will satisfy the history buff, the beach bum and the health conscious eater with its Mediterranean diet. This tiny blog cannot do justice to this ancient country so think of it as just an appetizer. The number of historical sites and beautiful islands left out are numerous; this, as I said, is just to whet your appetite.

1. Athens

Another great sunny day, blue skies and so much yet to see! You can say that truthfully almost every morning when you awake even if you stay the whole summer.

Acropolis and Acropolis Museum

Which should you visit first to better understand Acropolis and the Parthenon; the site or the museum? You be the judge.


At the base of the Acropolis, Plaka is a residential area swarming with tourists. Since cars are not permitted, wear something comfortable like sneakers.

Temple of Hephaestus

This is situated within the Ancient Agora; a kind of open space where matters of governance were settled. This was also Socrates’s debating ground. The Temple of Hephaestus situated here, was built in 460 BC.

2. Peloponnese: Southern Greece

The southern part of Greece has great archeological sites like Olympia, Epidaurus and Mycenae.

Olympia, West Peloponnese

Home of the first Olympics held in honor of Zeus. The stadium and the temple dedicated to Zeus still exist.


The original center for holistic healing in Europe; visit it for the amphitheater which is built to very impressive dimensions.


This is another city associated with historical characters of Greek legend/history described by Homer. Excavated by the archeologist Eric Sleeman, it was the city of King Atreus and the better known King Agamemnon.

3. Macedonia

The land of Alexander, whose close encounter with the East did much to stir up the ancient world.


Capital city and quite modern but with a feel of a college town. During the time of Byzantine Empire, this was its second most important city after Constantinople.

4. Patras, Western Greece

Known as the western gateway, it’s also a commercial hub.

Petras castle was built in the sixth century above the ruins of the Acropolis. (not the one in Athens-Acropolis also means upper part of town or the fortified part). Patras City was one of the first cities to rebel against the Turks in 1821.

Roman Odeon was built in 160 AD and is an open air auditorium that was built for concerts and performances.

Greece is one of the most popular destinations in Europe if not the world. Its economic troubles have made it comparatively cheaper and even more popular. With summer fast approaching, you have to book now to avoid disappointment and avail early bird discounts. Centrum’s multi-currency forex cards offer real value for money and un-paralleled security so you don’t need to carry much cash. Travel insurance though is still a good idea.

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