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Planning a trip to Russia to see the world cup

March 15, 2018

Planning a trip to Russia to see the world cup.

The 2018 FIFA World begins on 14 June and time is of the essence, so if you plan to attend, you’d better scramble.  The World Cup this summer will be spread out in 11 Russian cities. Most of these cities are in the western region and situated close to Moscow.

Even then, due to the enormous size of Russia, the distances between the venues can be daunting. For instance, the distance between Sochi and Moscow is more than 1600 kms.  Kaliningrad, another venue, is a seperate enclave outside Russia, (Bit like Alaska which is outside mainland USA) and Kaliningrad  is located between Lithuania and Poland on the Baltic Sea coast.

Every spectator to the 2018 FIFA World Cup has to have a personalized FAN I.D. This is part of football fan identification system being introduced by FIFA. To get your FAN ID, you will first need to purchase a ticket at and then submit an application at And keep your photo and personal details and credit card/Cntrum forex card handy when you do this.

A FAN ID guarantees you quick and easy entry to stadiums. For foreign nationals, it allows visa free multiple-entries to the country. Also, once you have your FAN ID, you can travel between different venues for free. Yes, Free!

To get travel tickets you will need to login  at and fill the details of the matches you will be attending.

The cities that will host matches are 11 in number:

1. Moscow-Capital of Russia, hospitable and business-like; solemn and merry; and bustling all at once.

2. Saint Petersburg- one of Russia’s most picturesque cities.

3. Kazan-Tatar capital.

4. Sochi- Russia’s principal resort. Hosted Winter Olympics  in 2014.

5. Kaliningrad- An enclave outside Russia, between Lithuania and Poland on the Baltic coast.

6. Nizhny Novgorod- formerly known as Gorky after Maxim Gorky.

7. Volgograd- Formerly Tsaritsyn , Stalingrad.

8. Rostov-on-Don- River port on river Don.

9. Samara- merchant town and an important aerospace center

10. Ekaterinburg- capital of Ural, UNESCO has named Ekaterinburg one of the world’s twelve ideal cities

11. Saransk-On the Sura River, and famous for sturgeon fish.

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