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Why Dread Solo Travels When You have a pre-paid Forex card?

July 09, 2018

Why Dread Solo Travels When You have a pre-paid Forex card?

Traveling is the best medicine to cure you of the blues of your monotonous routine. Visiting places broadens your mind and helps you breathe in a completely different environment. Though the thought of traveling alone might seem apprehensive to many, you must definitely consider it once in a while. Traveling solo is like enjoying your freedom to bits, which is quite a rare scene amidst your busy schedules. However, let’s take a look at some facts that will make you grab the next opportunity to set out on a solo trip.

Budget-friendly: Staying within a fixed budget is an important aspect of planning a trip. While you may be compelled to consider a higher budget when traveling in groups, a solo journey will help you save a lot on unexpected or unwanted expenses. Traveling alone gives you the leeway to plan your budget and spend accordingly. However, planning your expenses and budget for a foreign trip may seem incomplete without the mention of Forex Cards - one of the most reliable and safest means of carrying your funds away from home. A pre-paid travel card is certainly a smart, budget-friendly alternative because:

  • It protects you from the ever-changing currency fluctuations.
  • You do not have to pay any charges for cross-currency transactions.
  • You pay a minimum charge for using your pre-paid forex card at any overseas ATM, which might not be the case if you use your usual debit/credit cards.
  • You may get complimentary travel insurance if you buy forex card online.
  • You have an option to lock-in the forex exchange rate before your travel, to save yourself from future uncertainties.

Flexibility: When you reach your holiday destination, one of the most difficult choices (if you travel big) is to decide where to go, how to reach there, and what to do. Most of the times, you end up compromising or negotiating your priorities to satisfy the preferences of other travellers. However, while traveling alone, you are the boss and you get to choose your agenda. You can plan your day to enjoy a meal at the desired restaurant, shop at a local market or a popular arcade, and travel by any means. 

Where your debit/ credit card may sometimes not be accepted in certain places, the global acceptance of a Forex travel card; gives you the liberty to enjoy your holiday in a secure and hassle-free manner.

Confidence: As you travel alone, you unravel opportunities to meet new people and explore the local culture, giving you an immersive experience. This, in turn, boosts your confidence alongside experiencing the triumph of stepping out of your comfort zone. So, as you seek to discover new horizons, your pre-paid travel card acts as a financial shield to help you set new trip goals without the fear of becoming moneyless in a foreign land.  

If you wish to get the best forex card or have any other queries related to the pre-paid travel card; feel free to reach us on +91 7303401234.

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