Reasons to buy USD for travel in the present scenario

May 24, 2017

Hit Forex bull’s eye as you buy US Dollars online-NOW!

Financial currency markets have seen a lot of interesting trends recently. The recent one seems to be fairly sunny if we view it from the INR-USD point of view. This is because from this specific angle in the Forex viewing glass, we will be able to appreciate how well we can use this situation to our benefit. The increasing strength of the Rupee is not only a definite matter of pride for our economy and those helping it get stronger but it is also a boon for prospective buyers of the USD from India. And this presents the perfect opportunity to buy US Dollars online for all your international travel needs!

Who buys US Dollars?

  • Businessmen-

There is a sizable number of global businessmen and companies based in India. They have frequent visits abroad to various destinations and the need for global currency like the USD is crucial to their travel. Not only that, frequent transfers/remittances in USD are a part and parcel of their work. This segment is always on the lookout for opportunities when the foreign exchange is favourable for their business needs.

  • Students-

Studying abroad is an achievable dream and quite a common one today. And so is having short term summer camps or student tours abroad. For all these occasions, the student and his/her family need to consider costs like remittance of fees, remittance of living costs once a bank account has been opened in the other country, cash for daily expenses, travel card for usage while travelling or living there. For short term courses or student tours to multiple countries, options such as a Forex Card and foreign currency come in handy, literally!

  • Corporate Executives-

Travelling out of the country for workshops, trainings, conferences and meetings is a part of many a job profiles today. The destinations could be as varied as the reason for travel.
Frequent corporate travellers would know that such travel is often at short notice and a suitcase usually remains semi-packed in preparation. Similarly, their forex requirement also needs to stand prepared for such trips. Getting forex at a short notice is most crucial for this segment of travellers

  • Holiday & Leisure Travellers*-

Indians today travel to destinations abroad much more and much faster than before. The Indian market is opening up in every way for considering foreign travel. Effective marketing strategies of travel groups/agencies/airlines and convenient payment options have seen the average number of Indian tourists abroad increase manifold in the last decade.
Early registrations and bookings not only get travellers better rates but also give them a fair amount of time to be able to arrange for the expenses during the trip which include shopping, meals, sightseeing or at times even hotel accommodation if they are not taking a holiday package

  • Forex traders-

Well, that is an entirely different topic altogether...But yes, there are people who trade in foreign exchange and are adept at using the exchange rates to their fiscal advantage!
(Most of us could quite likely be a part of category 4 if not others!)

Why is it a good time to buy US Dollars?

For all the above mentioned categories, the buying of forex like USD is always governed by most favourable rates. The present scenario is most suitable as guided by plain arithmetic!

  • Saving business expenditure

As a business person, this definitely would save on exchange costs.

  • Budget management

As a student, this planned exchange will help to manage the budget better in the future.

  • Better managed and prepared travel

As a frequent traveller, presently buying USD will ensure that there is a readily available currency for any trips in the near future.

  • Value for money

The exchange rates seem to be cut out just for tourists who plan to travel abroad.

  • The tour costs are much more affordable
  • The accommodation works out cheaper
  • Eating out during long drawn trips abroad does not have to be a bother! No more surviving on complimentary breakfasts or no more carrying snacks from India to ration the appetite!
  • Shopping can be more of a pleasure for the entire family rather than a pain to the one keeping track of the accounts!
  • Tour preparation time is usually short. And it always helps to be prepared in advance by having converted currency (USD) and charged Forex Cards.
  • Profitable

Forex traders are always looking for this and they are pleased with the results as they play them indeed!

Where to buy US Dollars?

Once known that it is right to buy USD for use immediately or in the near future one needs to be very sure of buying it from the right channel. In recent times, buying forex online has become the most preferred option due to the following reasons:-

  • Convenient

 It is an online portal. It offers options for online payment. They can also arrange for the delivery of cash or Forex Card right at your doorstep. Further follow up becomes easier too since it is online and available at the finger tips.

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