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Why you should opt for a forex card instead of cash for your next international

May 22, 2017

Travel light, travel right with a Forex Travel Card

“He who would travel happily must travel light”, said Antoine de Saint Exupery. Quite apt and appropriate!

Travellers, especially international, should be able to fly through the journey without the burden of excess baggage, taxing schedules, worries of important items or documents and of course, costs and expenses. Excess baggage can be managed either by wise management of packing or by the will to pay for it! Schedules are well arranged by tour managers or office teams. The array of baggage and packing options helps one to organize and ensure the security of one’s documents. It is very rare that airlines misplace baggage nowadays; so that one is taken care of too. Now to the costs and expenses… Flights are pre-booked. Often hotel reservations are done too. What remains is the sole management of expenses on a day-to-day basis. And that’s where travelling light and wise is of utmost importance. And the Forex Card for whenever you travel abroad solves this problem to a large extent!

After our recent tryst with demonetization, no one better than us (common Indians) to appreciate the value of plastic money! Perhaps only a frequent international traveller as our esteemed Prime Minister could have realized and emphasized the importance of going cashless!

For starters, who wants to worry about limits for carrying cash to X, Y or Z country? Who wants to worry about getting the currency exchanged from whichever possible agent? Who wants a bulky wallet or two wallets to fit it all in? Who wants to deal with unfamiliar currency notes and end up overpaying? Who wants to keep tracking the coins and notes frantically? Who wants one hand always checking for the wallet to keep the different currency notes safe? Who wants to be looking out for possible pickpockets or thieves who may steal you off your treasured cash?  Who wants to be counting the ‘new’ notes and coins after every expenditure or sunset to confirm and calculate?

No one wants to have such experiences instead of finishing work or simply enjoying the tour!

So then, what is the ideal way to travel light and still be able to spend the way I usually do in my home country? Let me see…how do I spend money now? Well, I try to minimize cash usage to places like small business owners who do not have the option of card payment- public transport like taxis or rickshaws, buying vegetables or fruits at a small vendor. The rest of the items, I purchase at outlets where I can use my credit or debit card. This includes online shopping avenues as well. And when I travel, it would only be natural for me to expect the same kind of ease and comfort.

So, can I use my international credit/debit card abroad? Yes, why not! But then it would incur too many charges for the use, foreign exchange. So can I have all the convenience of these domestic cards when I travel, minus heavy charges? Yes! Using a Forex Travel Card! Although some taxis do accept this card, there may be quite a chance that it may not be accepted too. This is likely to happen when one is expected to pay relatively small denominations. It would be wise to have a minor fraction of the planned amount in cash for such minimal use. The remaining major chunk can be charged into a Forex Card.

Alright! I agree that I need a Forex Card. Where do I get it? I have it at my fingertips. It is as simple as typing out and enter! Sites such as these will provide information on how to buy a Forex card and have it charged in a currency of choice (there is usually a choice of 4-17 currencies), charge it when the rates are favourable and what’s more-have it delivered at home! And it just doesn't end here… What’s even better is that I can track it online! I can be aware of expenses and know the exact time to recharge! For any unfortunate reason if I lose the card or it is stolen, the service provider will be there with a replacement card within 48-72 hours after the lost card is reported.  And since it is like a debit card, it is a prepaid Forex Card. This keeps the expenses during the trip completely in check! Is it really a Forex Card or is it a “Godsent” Card?

I know my next international trip is going to be completely free of worries-of the unnecessary kinds and irrelevant types! I am sure, Antoine de Saint Exupery would recommend and endorse the Forex Card just like me!

Just travel right, travel light and a properly charged Forex Travel Card!

Bon Voyage!


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