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Beginners journal to Brazil

May 22, 2018

What all to visit in Brazil

Nowhere in the world do people enjoy themselves as much as in Brazil. This hedonism is reflected in their night life, music, beach life and the many carnivals they have.

Two thirds of Brazilians live near the coast and of the total population, over half live in cities. Incidentally, this country has the largest population of overseas Japanese centered in Sao Paulo. Rio, Salvador and san Louis have Afro-Brazilian and Italian-Portuguese heritage and in the south are the Italians and Germans. In the vast interior known as the Amazon, the indigenous tribes still rule.  

Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil, the largest is Sao Paulo. Locked between the sea and mountains, the city has kept stretching along the coast. Some famous sites here are the statue of Christ on Corcovado Mountain; the Sugar Loaf Mountain at the bay entrance; the Copacabana and the Ipanema beaches.

Jardim Botanico is a botanical garden located near Ipanema and has 6000 indigenous and exotic flora. Created in 1808, it spreads over 340 acres and offers solicitude and tranquility from Rio’s frenetic pace.

Santa Teresa is a hilly affluent area of Rio that’s safe to explore even at night. Filled with cafes, restaurants and craft stores, it’s the remnant of Rio’s colonial past.

 And if you can drag yourself away from Rio within a week and explore the rest, consider yourself a strong willed person.

Bahia, situated on the north-east of Brazil’s coast has a 1,000 km long stretch of coconut lined beaches and is the most popular tourist destination for outside visitors; with the Chapada Diamantina Mountains being the main draw in the heart of this province. Here you will find great trekking and climbing opportunities. For canoeing and water sports, the Sao Francisco Lakes area is popular.

Salvador is almost as spectacular in its setting as Rio and has a modern skyscraping skyline and fantastic swimming beaches. The city boasts of having the largest number of colonial buildings still surviving, the richest multitude of racially mixed living culture and a number of Afro-Caribbean bands. All in all, it’s the most popular destination for tourists in northern Brazil.

Amazon River Tours come in many different varieties; these can be Amazon Clipper Cruises, Amazon Eco Park Tours, Voyage to the Heart of the Amazon, etc. Depending upon the amount of time and energy you have, the choice is limitless. Even a day or two on this mighty river will make your trip to Brazil truly unforgettable.

Book early, especially if you plan to shake a leg at the Carnival and keep in mind, Brazil has more than one carnival. For expenses, carry just enough cash for incidentals and the remaining in EbixCash World Money Forex Card with pin/chip security. These cards can be used at the ATM too and if lost or stolen, are easily replaced. Don’t forget to buy your travel insurance too.

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