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Ahmedabad INR to JPY average exchange rates

The Japanese Yen or the JPY is the official currency of Japan.

  • The Japanese Yen was officially adopted on 27th June 1871 by the Meiji Government.
  • The JPY was originally issued by the Meiji government on an attempt to modernize the country economically.
  • It is the third most traded currency in the forex market and a popular reserve currency as well.

If you are looking to exchange JPY in Ahmedabad, you must know about the following information regarding Ahmedabad INR to JPY exchange rates:

  • The average exchange rate for 1 JPY in August 2018 was Rs. 0.63.
  • In September 2018, the average exchange rate for 1 JPY was Rs. 0.64.
  • The average exchange rate for 1 JPY was Rs. 0.65 in October 2018.
  • The current average exchange rate in November 2018 for 1 JPY is Rs. 0.64.


Why EBIXCASH World Money is your best bet to convert your rupees into Japanese Yen in Ahmedabad


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