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Planning your international holiday this summer vacation

March 15, 2018

Planning your international holiday this summer vacation

It’s essential to plan ahead for our summer vacation so as to avoid disappointments and glitches when the time of departure arrives and later when we get to our destination.

The first priority should be the destination or destinations. Are we looking for entertainment and night life or peace and tranquility? Do we want it all and do we have the time and money to afford it? Our level of physical fitness is also important and we should keep this in mind when selecting the destination. For instance, Quito in Ecuador is at almost 10,000 ft. and not suitable for folks with a heart condition.

For people who are vegetarians for religious or ethical reasons, it’s advisable to research options available before embarking. In some parts of the world, most restaurants will be non-veg. and you will be reduced to eating fruits, bread-butter-jam and cornflakes. But a few minutes spent on the internet might reveal a niche restaurant that specializes in vegetarian fare.

Certain countries such as USA, UK and the Schengen group of countries require more documentation and guarantees to grant visas. So make sure you have your paperwork in order before applying.  A Schengen visa is valid for 26 European countries. i.e. Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Many countries also offer tourists travel passes at discounted rates, so be sure to look into it.

 There are a number of counties where Indians don’t require visas. As a matter of fact, an Indian passport holder can travel to 59 countries without a visa or get a visa on arrival.

After obtaining the required visas, book your accommodation and you don’t have to restrict yourself to just hotels. Furnished apartments and Airbnb can be good choices too. Your contact with the locals and their culture will be greater and maybe more rewarding

Keep in mind that that summer time in the northern hemisphere is winter in the southern. So parts of Africa, South America, New Zealand and Australia will be cold and the clothing you pack should be appropriate.

Carrying cash and travellers cheques is risky and cumbersome. Your bank credit and debit cards might not be valid globally. Your best option is to get forex card before setting out. Ebix Cash World Money offers you some good discounts on buying foreign currencies and you can even have multiple foreign currencies on a single card.

Be Safe, bon voyage.

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