The Essential Tips about Namibia

August 02, 2018

The Essential Tips About Namibia

This large country was the last African nation to gain independence in 1990. From 1884 up to 1915 it was a German colony and then came under South Africa rule. Namibia has a 1400 long wind lashed Atlantic coast with tens of rusting, ships wrecked due to fog and wind; abundant wildlife, dramatic natural wonders and the famous Namib and Kalahari desert ­­- inhabited by the oldest people in Africa.

Another good reason to visit Namibia is that it’s unique, off the tourist radar and not too crowded.

Windhoek, the capital is 1,700m high and nestled in a valley. The temperature is never more than 30 or below 10 degrees even in winter. And since it lies in the middle of the country it’s ideal for touring any part of the country. Though the capital itself is short on sights, it more than makes up by being clean and peaceful, dotted with German colonial architecture and a few high-rises.

Southwest Namibia is the land of mountainous dunes and gravel plains with very varied and crazy weather. Aus, to the east of the Namib, occasionally gets snowfall in summer. The old town of Oranjemund and the ghost town of Sperrgebiet are both worth a visit. Sossusvlei in the Namib-Naukluft National Park has richly colored dunes and is one of Namibia’s most visited sites.

The Road South of Windhoek will lead you to the largest city-Keetmanshoop-500km away and the capital of the Karas Region. Another 100 km will bring you to the town of Rehoboth; a long drive of more than 400 km will take you to the massive Brukkaros rising abruptly from a flat plain. Brukkaros is not really volcanic since it was caused by magma coming into contact with groundwater 80 million years ago, this caused the crust to rise and then explode. The crater is 350 meters deep from the rim and rich in birds and animal species.

Kalahari and the far South is sparsely populated and it’s a long road journey but if you persist, you will be richly rewarded. The road divides at Keetmanshoop and thereafter, the Fish River Canyon is the start of a 160 km long hiking trail that ends at the hot springs of |Ai-|Ais in the Richtersveld Transfrontier Park.

The Skeleton Coast is part of the Skeleton Coast National Park. Most have seen documentaries about this graveyard of rusting ships, rolling dunes, and the wild Atlantic waves. During the summer months, this part of the Atlantic coast is fogged in and it used to be a death trap too many ships rounding the Cape. This fog flows inland and sheds its water to become the life source of Namib’s Wildlife.

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