TCS is applicable for all Money Transfer and Forex purchase orders. Our branch would calculate the applicable TCS and let you know the same which needs to be paid (in addition to the order summary amount) before completion of order.
Currency Forex
Cash Travellers
Vietnamese Dong N/A N/A N/A
Indonesian Rupiah N/A N/A N/A
US Dollar Rs. 83.91 Rs. 85.08 Rs. 90.09
Euro Rs. 89.97 Rs. 92.12 Rs. 98.38
UAE Dirham Rs. 22.94 Rs. 23.39 N/A
Thai Baht Rs. 2.31 Rs. 2.36 N/A
British Pound Rs. 106.42 Rs. 109.49 Rs. 116.36
Australian Dollar Rs. 55.58 Rs. 57.89 Rs. 60.65
Canadian Dollar Rs. 61.08 Rs. 63.69 N/A
Kuwaiti dinar N/A N/A N/A
Swiss Franc Rs. 94.78 Rs. 97.6 N/A
Danish Krone N/A Rs. 13.19 N/A
South African Rand Rs. 4.81 Rs. 5.27 N/A
Hong Kong Dollar Rs. 10.9 Rs. 11.33 N/A
Bahraini dinar N/A N/A N/A
Japanese Yen Rs. 0.61 Rs. 0.55 Rs. 1.05
Norwegian Krone N/A Rs. 8.59 N/A
New Zealand Dollar Rs. 51.4 Rs. 55.47 N/A
Saudi Riyal Rs. 22.45 Rs. 23.03 N/A
Swedish Krona Rs. 8.12 Rs. 8.75 N/A
Singapore Dollar Rs. 62.08 Rs. 64.05 N/A
Malaysian Ringitt N/A Rs. 18.75 N/A
Sri Lankan rupee N/A N/A N/A
Omani rial N/A N/A N/A
Chinese Yuan N/A Rs. 12.64 N/A
Qatari riyal N/A N/A N/A
Currency Forex
Cash Travellers
Vietnamese Dong N/A N/A N/A
Indonesian Rupiah N/A N/A N/A
US Dollar Rs. 82.92 Rs. 83.01 Rs. 76.75
Euro Rs. 88.91 Rs. 88.55 Rs. 80.5
UAE Dirham Rs. 22.49 Rs. 22.49 N/A
Thai Baht Rs. 2.22 Rs. 2.24 N/A
British Pound Rs. 105.17 Rs. 103.69 Rs. 95.23
Australian Dollar Rs. 54.71 Rs. 52.94 Rs. 49.63
Canadian Dollar Rs. 60.24 Rs. 58.85 N/A
Kuwaiti dinar N/A N/A N/A
Swiss Franc Rs. 92.93 Rs. 92.46 N/A
Danish Krone N/A Rs. 10.79 N/A
South African Rand Rs. 4.36 Rs. 4.17 N/A
Hong Kong Dollar Rs. 9.08 Rs. 10.26 N/A
Bahraini dinar N/A N/A N/A
Japanese Yen Rs. 0.45 Rs. 0.5 Rs. 0.11
Norwegian Krone N/A Rs. 7.03 N/A
New Zealand Dollar Rs. 50.39 Rs. 49.37 N/A
Saudi Riyal Rs. 21.8 Rs. 21.69 N/A
Swedish Krona Rs. 7.8 Rs. 7.16 N/A
Singapore Dollar Rs. 61.11 Rs. 60.37 N/A
Malaysian Ringitt N/A Rs. 17.36 N/A
Sri Lankan rupee N/A N/A N/A
Omani rial N/A N/A N/A
Chinese Yuan N/A Rs. 0 N/A
Qatari riyal N/A N/A N/A
Currency Wire
Vietnamese Dong N/A N/A
Indonesian Rupiah N/A N/A
US Dollar Rs. 84.25 Rs. 90.09
Euro Rs. 90.33 Rs. 96.59
UAE Dirham Rs. 23.16 N/A
Thai Baht Rs. 2.29 N/A
British Pound Rs. 106.84 Rs. 113.19
Australian Dollar Rs. 55.69 Rs. 59.55
Canadian Dollar Rs. 61.26 Rs. 61.57
Kuwaiti dinar N/A N/A
Swiss Franc Rs. 94.78 N/A
Danish Krone Rs. 12.59 N/A
South African Rand Rs. 4.68 N/A
Hong Kong Dollar Rs. 11.22 Rs. 13.89
Bahraini dinar N/A N/A
Japanese Yen Rs. 0.63 N/A
Norwegian Krone Rs. 8.2 N/A
New Zealand Dollar Rs. 51.4 Rs. 54.96
Saudi Riyal Rs. 24.89 N/A
Swedish Krona Rs. 8.12 N/A
Singapore Dollar Rs. 62.21 Rs. 67.13
Malaysian Ringitt Rs. 18.57 N/A
Sri Lankan rupee N/A N/A
Omani rial N/A N/A
Chinese Yuan N/A N/A
Qatari riyal N/A N/A

Money Exchange in Madurai

EBIXCASH World Money Ltd provides best money exchange in madurai.Presence of Money exchange services and their providers in madurai helps in travelling around the world without any hassle. While travelling abroad, you need different currencies for different countries and let’s not forget, exchanging Indian currency is one of the biggest concern a traveller faces. EBIXCASH helps resolve these concerns.

EBIXCASH World Money Ltd. is India’s best Forex Company with a portfolio that provides one of the best services in Money Exchange in madurai. Our ‘Phygital’ strategy helps combine over 2,60,000 physical distribution outlets with our Omni-channel online digital platform to provide best money exchange services in madurai.Our online money exchange service in madurai is the best in the business by offering best and competitive forex rates without any additional fees.
While travelling if currency exchange is a worry for you, then our distinguished forex services are ‘One stop solution to all your travel woes’. Along with getting the best forex rates in madurai , you can also buy forex through our multi-currency forex cards and traveller’s cheques without any hassle in addition direct online reload facility.

EBIXCASH World Money Ltd. is well-known for providing the best-fit and apt forex product for your travel needs with the best exchange rate in madurai. We offer diverse payment options with enhanced flexibility tailored for our customers in addition to full detailed disclosure of information pertaining to currency conversion charges applicable, transaction duration etc. In addition to above, we timely intimate you about your transactions and related details.With an evident & promising legacy and experience of nearly two decades into Forex market and subsequent services, we have established a reputation for quality and straight dealing with our customers. Moreover, one thing that we ardently assure is promise of ‘Unmatched quality, transparency and trust’. Our unique and first-of-its-kind services have redefined the dealings of forex market and established new standards for all.

Are you planning for a trip abroad? Especially the students aspiring and planning to go abroad, you should be prepared beforehand. Looking for the best foreign currency exchange service in madurai.Buy any foreign currency at competitive exchange rates and secured delivery through

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Currency Exchange in Madurai

EBIXCASH World Money Ltd provides the best currency exchange in madurai in comparison to other money exchangers in madurai, banks, and airports due to its dedicated robust technologically advanced network and unique first-of-its-kind services tailor-made for our customers keeping in mind their diverse needs. An order for currency exchange in madurai can be placed online through our website - and the ordered forex can be delivered at your home/office/airport.

In order to facilitate the above, our website offers an array of services to aid our customers in decision-making and subsequent order placement such as live rates, conversion of amount requisite through our transparent & accurate currency calculator and easy buy enabled by a single click. In addition to above, through you can Buy and Sell Currency in madurai or Transfer Currency Abroad at better live, transparent and competitive rates with secure, hassle-free and assured fast delivery. Our 24x7 customer support both online and offline assists customers in placements of their orders at best available foreign exchange rates.

Now you don’t need to depend on any other local currency exchangers in madurai.We offer the best foreign currency exchange rates in madurai.Predominantly, the most salient aspect to be kept in mind when placing an order is to ‘Ensure you select a forex product according to your requirements’. Our website, offers four major products to cater to your diverse needs: Forex card or travel card, Currency notes, Wire Transfer/Telegraphic Transfer and our Multicurrency card. Only we provide you a hassle-free exchange rates and assured doorstep delivery facility.

If you’re looking for the best and most trust-worthy forex services in madurai, opt for only We guarantee to ensure that your entire foreign trip will go smooth and memorable by offering you the best exchange rates with assured fast delivery. You can Buy Foreign Currency when you travel abroad & Sell Foreign Currency once you return back to India.

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Foregin Currency Exchange in Madurai

EBIXCASH World Money Ltd. is the best foreign currency exchange in madurai.Being one of the oldest and most-trusted Currency Exchangers in madurai , we provide you the best currency rates in comparison to all other foreign exchange services provider along with secure and quick 24x7 customer support. We provide forex cards, traveller’s cheques, currency notes and money transfer for travellers as means for facilitating foreign exchange.

We offer foreign currency exchange services in madurai through our online digital platform and widespread branches Pan India. Our motto of ‘Customer first’ helps us excel in providing the best rate when you are travelling across the globe. So, you don’t need to think about any other currency exchange providers. We are the best in the business as we provide easy and quickest solutions to all your foreign exchange problems in an effective and efficient manner.

EBIXCASH World Money’s vast cliental comprises of Forex professionals at large corporate, banks, financial institutions and individual traders from all over India. Over the years, we have established a reputation for quality and straight dealings. With our advanced technology-enabled framework, we assure our customer of quality, transparency and trust in all our dealings.

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Over the last few years, our network has grown exponentially with over two hundred locations across India and promises to evolve further. We have been successful in becoming the best in the market of foreign exchange and remittance by satisfying diverse demands of our clients through means of offering them best forex rates in the country. Here’s why we are the right people to take care of your foreign exchange needs:

● We work 24x7 to optimize and deliver efficiently, stopping at nothing to make sure that our clients are fully satisfied with our work.
● Our team comprises of Industry savvy professionals, whose sole objective is to be the best and deliver only the best.
● We believe that the key driving factors of success are mutual understanding, learning, and maintaining complete transparency in all our dealings with clients.
● We provide online buying and selling of foreign exchange with the quickest turnaround time due to underlying dedicated network backed by our ‘Phygital’ Strategy.
● The Reserve Bank of India has elevated our status from a Full Fledged Money Changer to an Authorised Dealer under Category II.

Benefits given are:-

● Data encryption across the website to ensure you can transact with confidence.
● Diverse options of payment methods and free delivery to your doorstep.
● Get the most competitive rates when you do forex transactions on our website
● Our salient feature allows you to simply upload your documents online and save them for future transactions.
● Guaranteed better rates than banks, airports and money exchangers
● Live, transparent and consistently competitive exchange rates.
● Freeze or Lock-in the exchange rates for a 2% refundable advance fee
● Same day or next-day door delivery service
● Free door deliveries for orders over Rs.50,000
● 5,000+ partnering forex locations across 650 cities in India
● Excellent Loyalty and referral schemes - earn money by referring your friends. Save money on every subsequent order.
● Email/Rate alerts - Get notified when the rates reach the level you want
● Best customer support, available 24x7 on every medium for assistance (FB/Twitter/Call/Email)
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EBIXCASH World Money is well renowned as the leading Indian Foreign Currency Exchange Provider Company in the country. In the market of foreign exchange in madurai as well as the entire nation, over the last few years we have evolved and in turn established ourselves as the best money changer due to our unmatched expertise and professionalism in delivering the best quality and prompt services that meet the highest international standards

These quality services include:
● Currency exchange services
● Student forex
● Travel cards and traveller’s cheques
● Nationwide forex delivery
● Remittance for trade-related imports through Western Union Business Solutions
● Western union domestic money transfer
● Import and export of foreign currency
● Foreign currency demand drafts and telegraphic transfer
● Travel insurance and tours.

For our elite team members, Customer satisfaction is the ultimate objective and the inherent guiding principle. Our team works to ensure that the same has been fully and unconditionally achieved. By delivering the best quality for the said services, we help our clients get the most value for their hard earned money. Thus, at EBIXCASH World Money, we put our clients before anything else and strive to fulfil their every need through our specialised services and expertise.
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