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June 13, 2018

Places to visit in Chile

If you believe in omens, Chile is a hot destination and that’s readily proven by its shape and name. It’s also the most developed country in South America with six UNESCO listed sites; the wines in Chile are sublime as the first vineyards were established by the Spaniards in 1554. The country’s name is not derived from its shape but lost in mists of time and history.

Santiago, the capital is a cosmopolitan city with roots going back many thousand years. The City sits in a river valley surrounded by mountains; some of which are active volcanic; the highest is 6570 meters. 40% of Chile’s population resides in this city and if you find yourself settling in, listening to Jazz, exploring its museums, dining at fine restaurants. This is a long, long country, beautiful and interesting and you should travel. Bellavista neighborhood is a graffiti rich place with plenty of cafes, restaurants and chic shops. To the north is the town’s crown jewel, a 3000 ft. high hill is known as St. Christopher hill and the Metropolitan Park.

The Driest Desert in the World is the Atacama Desert.  1000km long, it receives less precipitation than the Polar deserts or the Sahara. In the southern Atacama, you will find quaint ancient villages 4,000 meters above sea level; vast salt plains and active geysers. The northern Atacama has pristine white beaches, crystal clear waters, and great seafood.

South Chile with Lakes and Volcanoes is the home of the indigenous Mapuche people and their culture. This area of Chile has many natural spas in beautiful natural settings; countless lakes and rivers where you can indulge in fishing, white water rafting or canoeing.

Patagonia and Antartica: Patagonia has been described as vast, wild and land of infinite beauty. Not much has changed since the first explorers came here 500 years ago. From here you can travel to Antarctica or the Cape Horn and the Magellan Straits at the southern tip of the Americas.

Easter Island: This remote island is a Chilean possession and an example of environmental degradation caused by humans. Centuries ago the local inhabitants cut down trees to transport giant Moai Statues. The trees held the soil and acted as windbreakers. With no windbreakers, the island soon lost topsoil became uninhabitable.

Robinson Crusoe Island or the Más a Tierra (Closer to Land) is about 670 kms from San Antonio. From 1704 to 1709 Alexander Selkirk, a sailor was marooned here and his story inspired Daniel Defoe to write ‘Robinson Crusoe’. The Chilean government renamed the island as Robinson Crusoe Island in 1966.

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