International Romantic Getaways for Indian travellers

March 17, 2018

International Romantic Getaways for Indian travellers

So now that you have landed the most beautiful girl in the world, you will be searching for the most romantic getaway with money being no object. Read on-we have compiled a list of the most perfect romantic getaways for you and your lover.

Vico Equense, Italy

Known as the secret village with its own castle, a church on a cliff overlooking the bay of Naples and a pebbled beach; this dramatically situated village is undiscovered by tourists. The Hotel Capo La Gala, just outside the village is of modest size and nautically themed. Portholes for windows and miniature boats accentuate the blue and white rooms. Sit down to breakfast on a roomy balcony overlooking the Bay of Naples. Explore the numerous coves and secret beaches filled with solititude.

Bora-Bora, South Pacific

Cobalt lagoons, powder-soft beaches, set at the feet of volcanic mountains covered with tropical forests. On one of the isolated islets, the Four Seasons Resort has built 120 bungalows set on piers in a shallow lagoon. Another hotel-The Bora Bora Marara owned by Sofitel has luxury bungalows on pilings in the sea and on the white sandy beach. Bora Bora is about bliss; lounging on a catamaran deck, visiting a pearl farm or snorkeling in the lagoons.

Bali, Thailand

Land of impossible beauty; elaborate and colorful Hindu temples; wide beaches; lush green terraced rice fields with mountains in the background-honestly, you couldn’t ask for more. Visit the Anantara Seminyak resort, dine at its MoonLite Kitchen and Bar and Rooftop restaurant and watch the sun sink over the Indian Ocean in blazing colors.

Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira is a beach town and has strong breezes. It’s also known as Wind City, Africa and it’s the world’s top windsurfing & Kiteboarding location. But the place is not just about water sports, it hosts world class music and art events. The galleries here showcase internationally famous artists. Take a walk over the ramparts of the Medina and past the charming and often crumbling palaces which are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site. Live out your 1001 Moroccan fantasies at the Dar Loulema Hotel.

Patmos, Greece

A tiny little island that’s just 14 sq. miles and accessible only by boat.  From Skala the port, walk up to the walled village of Chora. This tiny village is a maze of cottages, lanes and courtyards and some whitewashed mansions. One such 17th century mansion is the village’s only hotel. The Archontareki has just six modern-rustic suites with private terraces that overlook the Aegean Sea. The island has numerous hidden coves deserted beaches for you to explore. When the sun sets, head to Benetos restaurant for some seared tuna with seaweed and wasabi or a grouper fillet with caramelized onions.

 Even though these parties may seem fun you may require to carry sufficient foreign exchange for these overseas trips usually it’s a good idea to carry a multi-currency travel forex card and just a small amount of the local currency. These Multi Currency Forex Cards can be reloaded while overseas and card balance can be checked online on the website. Forex can now even be booked with a click of a button at great prices and delivered to your home. It’s a good idea to get some travel insurance too, you never know when you might need it.

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