Over the years, Delhi's economy has seen tremendous growth. Delhi has evolved into the largest commercial center in north India. Taking advantage of this, many multinational corporations have set up their offices here. Tourists from all across the world visit this place. Thus, Delhi has always been an active center for foreign exchange. Numerous money changers have operated and grown in Delhi in the past. But, due to the consistent increase in the demand of Sterling Pound in Delhi, people have faced difficulties in finding the best and most trustworthy money changer until EbixCash world money came along. EbixCash world money revolutionized the way of handling foreign exchange in Delhi. GBP to INR conversion, and vice versa became simpler and much more convenient since Buy Forex offered the best services along with online exchange facilities. Today, people exchange INR to GBP or GBP to INR at the best forex rates from Buy Forex and get the rates that they see in search engines, news channels, and forex sites.


Why EbixCash World Money is your safest bet to convert your rupees into British Pounds in Delhi

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Delhi INR to GBP average rates

The Pound Sterling or the British Pound (GBP), more commonly referred to as pound, is the official currency of the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, the British Antarctic Territory, Jersey, Guernsey, and Tristan Da Cunha. It is the fourth most traded currency in the foreign exchange market.


  • The pound sterling used to be commodity money or bank notes backed by silver or gold.
  • Currently, it is fiat money backed only by the economy in the areas where it is accepted.
  • The pound sterling is the oldest currency in the world which is still in use. It has been in continuous use since its inception.
  • The average exchange rate in July, 2018 for 1 GBP was Rs. 90.5.
  • The average exchange rate fell down in August, 2018 to Rs. 89.42 for 1 GBP.
  • In September, 2018, the average exchange rate rose to Rs. 93.98 for 1 GBP
  • Currently in April, 2019, the average exchange rate has risen to Rs. 90.57 for 1 GBP.


The services offered by EbixCash World Money –


EbixCash world money offers different types of forex payment options for the exchange of foreign currency in Delhi

  • EbixCash World Money’s Multi-Currency Travel Card
  • Cash 
  • Traveller’s Cheque


We also offer two transfer options to send money across the country

  • Foreign Currency Demand Drafts
  • Overseas Money Transfer Facility 



There is plenty of benefit of EbixCash World Money service in Delhi. It is highly secure and safe. EbixCash World Money provides Multi-Currency travel card to travel across the globe without any hassles.



EbixCash World Money provides global customer assistance service and SMS alert service to its customers. EbixCash World Money is one of the most reliable Foreign Currency Exchange Company in Delhi where customer’s expectation is always exceeded with prompt service.