Guide to Indonesia for Indians

September 06, 2018

Guide to Indonesia for Indians

Indonesia has the fourth largest population in the world and 300 languages. It stretches for more than 5,000km across the equator and is comprised of 17, 000 islands; 8,000 of which are inhabited. The people who inhabit this land come from many different races and most islands have rich cultures that have evolved differently through the ages.

The landscape varies from the white sandy beaches and fantastic diving locations of Sulavesi to the volcanic (many active) mountains of Sumatra.

Borobudur Temple, a stupa if seen from the sky resembles a giant 3D Buddhist Mandala. This massive stupa is said to have been built by a sect of Vajrayana or Tantric Buddhists and the pilgrim walk is some 5 km. It takes one past thousand of decorated and carved panels that explain the Buddhist doctrine.

Prambanan Temple Complex is made of 224 temples, with the Candi Shiva Mahadeva, dedicated to Shiva, is the largest with the spire reaching 47m in height. The 2006 earthquake damaged the Prambanan Temple complex and more than 450 stone blocks of Shiva Mahadeva temple cracked or were dislodged. The temple has since been repaired and open to visitors.

Komodo National Park comprises of Komodo, Rinca, Padar and many smaller islands and is a national treasure. Here you can also snorkel and explore the coral reefs or take guided tours. The guides can speak English and are very knowledgeable about the flora and fauna including the giant Komodo dragons.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is a large park with life-size replicas of traditional houses from each province of Indonesia along with handicrafts, clothing etc. There are an IMAX cinema and museums as well but with additional entrance fees. Free cultural performances are held, mostly on Sunday mornings.

Samboja Lestari is a sanctuary for 150 orang-utans, the endangered orange colored apes of Indonesia. The sanctuary is spread out on a series of islands and there’s a separate sanctuary for elusive sun bears. Visitors can book a half-day tour that will include lunch or dinner and getting friendly with the resident apes.

Batu Bolong Beach is much favored by both the locals and tourists for its beautiful beach. Rent a surfboard (and lessons, if you are a newbie) or just laze on the beach and watch the action on the breakers. If you still need more excitement, visit the Pura Batumejan complex that overlooks the beach.

The bio-diversity on the Indonesian archipelago rivals that of the Amazon forest and both are being destroyed very rapidly for commercial reasons. Reduce your carbon footprint in every possible way when traveling. Book early and get bargains and discounts and carry enough ready cash while traveling. For all your travel expenses, carry EbixCash World Money’s Multi-Currency Forex card which is safe as well as economical. And it’s a good idea to get travel insurance as well.

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