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Recreational Vehicle Camper-van Holidays

August 01, 2018

Recreational Vehicle Camper-van Holidays

How would you like to travel with your whole family and have total control over the route and the stops you make?

If your home is a compact van with 2 convertible double beds and all modern cons, why not?

The good news is that you can hire a RV for a road trip of a lifetime and the good news doesn’t end there; dotted across Europe, America and Canada are recreational vehicle (RV) campsites where you can park your RV, fill up on water, fuel, and use the many facilities like washing machines, restaurants, shops, power hook-ups for charging batteries, service garages and even rent a room.

To first time renters and drivers of RVs, some unsolicited advice; hire a smaller RV and though this will be more cramped and uncomfortable, it will be more manoeuvrable. Keep in mind that RV driver gets more abuse for hogging narrow roads. Sharp turns and steep climbs will be easier for you and impatient, honking drivers blocked by you will not be your nemesis. A rear-view camera will prove very helpful too.

RV tourism in America is very developed and offers more to RV tourists than most countries. Most national parks have campsites for RVs, which go from basic to luxurious. At the more popular national parks, it’s advisable to book in advance and the campsites offer more services; the more the remote parks offer just basic amenities. This rule of thumb applies to Canada and Europe as well.

RV tourism in Canada is also well served by many caravan sites on both coasts though they might not be as luxurious as some American sites, most travellers find them adequate. People from India and other tropical countries should refrain from taking a RV vacation from fall until late spring. Both Canada and North America have severe winters and visitors from tropical countries are unfamiliar with these conditions. Go for your RV vacation in high summer when it’s enjoyable even if the rates are high. As far as the southern USA is concerned, even winter is fine as if you take some common sense precautions.

RV touring in Europe and UK is much more complicated. The vehicle you hire in the UK will have the steering on the wrong side for driving in Europe and vice versa. Another hassle is the insurance – you will need full insurance for each and every country you travel through. In addition, your RV renter will have to provide you permission for each country you plan to visit. Many cities in Europe now have very strict pollution norms and if the RV is not compliant then heavy fines will follow. So touring just one country at a time in Europe is a better option.

A simpler way would be to book with a motorhome tour provider and then just sit back and enjoy.

To make your RV tour enjoyable, you will need to make a detailed plan and this will take time. You will need patience and resources for this kind of trip, so the earlier you start the better. For all your foreign exchange needs you will find EbixCash World Money has it all covered with the best rates and most efficient and secure service.

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