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Countries where Indian Rupees goes far

April 12, 2018

Countries Where Indian Rupees Goes Far

Making the unit of currency of a country the basis of comparison is not the correct way of judging the cost of you travels.  Let’s take Japan as an example; One Japanese Yen is equal to INR 0.60. That does not make Japan cheaper than India. A cup of coffee in Japan will cost 400 Yen while in India it should be around Rs. 150. Many list Iceland as a cheap holiday destination as well, but the fact is, it’s quite expensive. A very ordinary meal will cost around $20 in Iceland.

For our list, we feel that the cost of a hotel room, a meal and a beer converted to INR will give a truer picture.


1 INR = 4.25 Hungarian forint

Hungary has an old world charm, majestic architecture in the heart of Europe and plenty of spas, hot springs to rejuvenate you and good wines to lift your spirits. It’s steeped in culture and has excellent art galleries and museums.

An average hotel room will cost about (INR) 3K to 5k and meal with a pint 500 and a Cappuccino will be another Rs.100.


1 INR = 84 Paraguay Guarani

Paraguay is a landlocked country and it’s great for an authentic South American experience. Although it was colonized by Spain for more than 3 centuries, it still retains its indigenous character and identity. The country has Germans, Russians, and Italians, French and Spanish immigrants as well as the indigenous people.

Hotel rooms from (INR) 3.5 to 8k, a meal at McDonalds 325, beer 70


1 INR = 351 Vietnamese dong

Vietnamese culture is heavily influenced by Southern China and Buddhism. Due to its size the country has 3 distinct climatic zones and you should plan your itinerary or you’ll spend most of the time in buses and trains. Another advantage for Indian tourists is the e-visa which costs just $25 and can be obtained fairly quickly.

3 star hotel rooms are about (INR) 4 to 8k, meals 200 and beer 20.


1 INR = 0.25 Egyptian Pound

This country is a great bargain for travellers on a budget. As a backpacker, you can find good food and hotels at very reasonable prices. Besides the usual pyramids, tombs and ancient temples, there are river cruises, beaches with water sports and colourful bazaars.

Hotel rooms range from (INR) 3 to 8K, 3 course meal, mid-range restaurant 500, and beer 150.

Sri Lanka

1 INR = 2.4 Sri Lankan Rupee

This jewel shaped island is nature’s jewel. Travelling here is easy but a bit chaotic and Indians will feel right at home. A tuk tuk (auto-rickshaw) can be hired for a day for about 1200 INR. People visiting the island tend to stick to the southern portion, Anuradhapura and Sigiriya have amazing ancient ruins, Nuwara Eliya for hiking trails and Arugam Bay for its beaches.

Prices for hotel rooms and meals are about the same as in India but beer is more expensive.

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