Student Checklist

June 12, 2019

Since this is the bag that you will be carrying with you through the journey – long halts at airport...

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Top 10 Tips for Studying Abroad

March 28, 2019

Top 10 Tips for Studying Abroad...

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The Best Forex Instrument for International Students

August 02, 2018

Planning on how you are going to manage your expenses is one of the most important aspects to consid...

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Studying in Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe

April 12, 2018

Studying in Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe. You can study medicine, pharmacy and dentistry for a...

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Higher Education in the UK

March 26, 2018

Higher Education in the UK...

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A Last-Minute Checklist For Students Travelling Abroad

January 08, 2018

Here’s a quick last-minute checklist for students who are travelling abroad...

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7 Essentials Indian Moms Pack Into Your Bags Before You Fly Abroad For Studies

December 21, 2017

Here’s what you can expect your Mom to pack into your bag to make your new life hassle-free...

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5 Mistakes Indian Students Make Before Taking Their Flight Abroad

December 14, 2017

Let’s take a look at some of the mistakes that Indian students make before taking the flight....

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Rely on EbixCash World Money to Transfer Money to Canada from India

November 15, 2017

Here’s why using EbixCash World Money to transfer money to Canada or anywhere around the globe makes...

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Top 10 Tips For Students Going Abroad That Could Make Your Life Easier

November 02, 2017

Pursuing an education abroad can be enriching and fun, but it does bring along with it some changes....

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