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Guide To Brussels

August 27, 2018

Guide To Brussels

Brussels is a very cosmopolitan capital as almost a third of its residents are non-Belgians, and most speak both French and Dutch and many speak English as well. The city has a well preserved medieval center and some not so attractive modern structures which happen to house the European Parliament, NATO Headquarters and their staff and bureaucrats; this also makes Brussels an expensive city.

Fortunately, there are many ways of cutting costs and still having a good time. Buy a Brussels Card, it comes in 24, 46 and 72 hours validity and gets you free entry to 30 museums, discounts at shops, select tourist attractions and tours. Avoid having 3-course meals especially at restaurants in located tourist spots; instead, opt for fixed price menus or snack bars and use the public transport system which is well connected and efficient.

Grand-Place is the heart of the city and not to be missed. The square is lined with ornate baroque and gothic buildings and frequently holds entertainment, musical shows, and concerts which are free. The square can be entered only by narrow cobbled lanes; each entry offers a very different perspective. During the night, the buildings are illuminated tastefully and buzzing with night-life. So make another trip if you have some time.

Musée Magritte honors Rene Magritte, Belgium’s most famous surreal painter. The museum will give you an insight into his changing styles-from a cubist to Salvador Dali like a surrealist painter. But this city is also home to an astonishing 80 museums, so do your research and if you think the Brussels Card is economical, then go for it.

England Building is a unique museum dedicated to music and displays some 2,000 musical instruments which range from shepherd’s pipes to Chinese carillons. The museum puts emphasis on auditory experience so keep your ears open.

Manneken Pis is the most popular statue in the whole of Brussels. It’s a fountain of a 55 cm tall bronze boy pissing and always crowded with tourists. In 1698, Maximilian II Emanuel had him dressed as a soldier, since then he’s been dressed as Elvis, Santa, and anyone you can think of. The Museum of the City of Brussels has 100 plus outfits made for him and on display, although more than 800 were given by the public.

House of European History is self-explanatory and is located in the Eastman Building. It offers tours in 24 different languages and will captivate you for an hour and a half to two hours.

Belgium is a small country, so if you plan to visit it, 4 to 5 days should suffice. Book early as it will be advantageous and you will be able to get bargains and discounts. For all your travel expenses, there is nothing better than EbixCash World Money’s Forex card. It comes with pin/chip technology 24 X 7 customer supports.

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