Unusual local/domestic laws in some countries

April 12, 2018

Unusual local/domestic laws in some countries

There are some weird and strange laws enacted in different parts of the world that might get travellers in trouble unknowingly. Most are plain silly, though some might make you laugh. This list is compiled with international tourists in mind.

In Switzerland flushing the toilet after 10 p.m. is not allowed as it causes noise pollution. So small kids; elderly people suffering from weak bladders or those with bad tummies please take note.

In San Francisco you may not feed the pigeons within the city limits as they are considered vermin and referred to as flying rats. The city has even created a web page listing dozen of reasons why pigeons are undesirable within the city limits.

All kinds of sex toys are banned in Reno, Nevada – a city where gambling casinos are legal and a common sight and it’s the only state in the US where prostitution is legal.

Residents of Blythe, a town in California cannot wear cowboy boots unless they own at least 2 heads of cattle. It’s not clear if outsiders or visitors to the town can do so.

Since 1992, Singapore has banned chewing gum and the guilty are punished. But if you can prove that it has therapeutic value, then you are allowed.

The island nation of Maldives practices a strict form of Islam and does not allow bibles or other religious texts and even bans alcohol. But paradoxically, the luxury resorts there all serve alcohol which the authorities turn a blind eye to.

Loose fitting swimming trunks are not allowed for men in France. You may wear speedos, thongs, budgie smugglers etc. Take your pick but make sure they are not loose.

Wearing camouflage clothing is not permitted in Barbados even for kids. It’s reserved for security forces and anti-drug squads. You will be fined if you do so.

The mountain kingdom of Bhutan has the harshest anti-smoking and anti-tobacco laws in the world. You cannot bring in tobacco products nor use them in the kingdom.

In La Paz, Bolivia, married women are limited to just one glass of wine to prevent extra marital flirting. Married men have no such restrictions placed on them.

And to those who plan to visit Scotland, wonder no more. Scottish men are not allowed underwear when wearing kilts. If caught, they can be fined two beers.

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