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Perfect Vacation in Thailand

June 12, 2019

Perfect Vacation in Thailand

How much will the trip cost?

Most travellers who visit Thailand are budget travellers. You can find beach accommodation anywhere ranging from $10 to $300, the choice is yours. Airfare is what will cost you the most, direct flights are usually more expensive than a ticket split across carriers.

Packaged Tour or an Independent Trip?

Although packaged tours might seem easy and stress-free thing in Thailand but planning your transportation facility and activities will save you some money. Doing so is very easy since there are no language barriers in the country. Every tourist guide who works there speaks English. All you need to do is, call the person behind the counter, tell them where you plan to go and they will book your tickets and rides in a jiffy. Commissions charged on any of these services is subject to where you book it from.

Best Time to visit?

Every region you visit in Thailand will have a weather of its own! But generally, the best months to visit Thailand are through November to April. Although activities and stay are cheaper during the off-season.

If you are looking for some entertainment through big festivals, here is a list of festivals you must look, before booking your trip:

Loi Krathong and Yi Peng, a spectacular festival of fire and light where lanterns are hung throughout the city. With both the river and sky literally on fire, the visual effect is stunning! This festival usually happens in November, but dates change every year due to the nature of the lunisolar calendar.

Songkran, aka the Thai New Year is a festival where people throw buckets of water on each other. The streets of Chiang Mai shut down for several days of dancing and water throwing. This festival of water takes place on April 13 every year and the holiday usually ends on April15.

Full moon parties, as the name suggests it is a beach party which celebrates almost all phases of moon with light, fire, dance and parties. The best thing about these parties is that they happen every month. Although the dates are adjusted around Buddhist holidays, it usually does not coincide with the night of the actual full moon.

Where to go?

The Thai Islands- No visit to Thailand is complete without visiting the beautiful islands on the Andaman Sea, the west side and the Gulf Of Thailand, the east side. Some islands are too small to accommodate a bamboo bungalow whereas others are enough to have a decent coffee shop or two. And the best part, each Island is totally different from the other with its own characteristics. And you have dozens to choose from. Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Koh Pha Ngan, Phuket, Koh Lanta, Koh Lipe, Koh Chang to name a few.

Chiang Mai- This one is the Northern Capital of Thailand and the vibe here is a little different and positive. Good food, street shops, and six dollar massages are a great reason to visit this place.

Pai- From being a quiet hippie village to a major tourist attraction, this place has transformed quite much in past few years. Few hours’ drive from Chiang Mai, Pai is a true riverside charm with good nightlife, organic farms, yoga and good food.

Railay- Once the climber’s favourite destination in Thailand is not just for the people who love to keep their feet high in the sky. The impressive limestone scenery, the powdery sand and it’s accessibility through a beautiful passage covered by boats will make you feel on an Island.

Money in Thailand

ATMs are literally everywhere in Thailand, so many that you can easily find them at walkable distance and withdraw enough Thai Baht, the official currency of Thailand. ATMs are one of the big businesses of Thailand and all that credit goes to the sky- rocketing transaction fees of around $6-$7 per transaction.

Another option is swiping an Overseas Travel Card, MasterCard and Visa are widely accepted throughout the malls, restaurants and hotels. But there is an additional commission that you may have to pay while using plastic.

The best way to avoid pay excess surcharges is to exchange your currency before the trip with BuyForex which provides foreign currency at the best exchange rates. BuyForex is the quickest, safest and transparent way of exchanging money.

What’s more? When travelling to Thailand, it is always suggested to have your travel insured. Travelling on a tight budget and making impromptu plans are great but being prepared for the worst is always better! Insure any financial loss or a medical emergency while traveling to Thailand by insuring your travel, only with BuyForex.

So what are you waiting for? Plan a venture to Southeast Asia’s beautiful “Land of Smiles,” and spend your time sitting on the beaches, going rock climbing or just exploring the beauty of the place. There is something for everyone in Thailand!

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