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20 Awesome things to do in Thailand

May 08, 2019

20 Awesome things to do in Thailand

The main thing about Thailand is to narrow down your activities; there are numerous attractions, too many things to see, innumerable new things to try out. It is hard to make a list, especially if this is your first visit to Thailand. But the good thing about Thailand is that there is something for everyone. Some people may want to explore the adventurous side of Thailand (rock climbing in Railey, motorcycling to Maynmar border are some of the options); others may be plain content with a boat ride down the Chao Paraya River or shopping at Chang Mai's Night Market. Getting a bit confused are we? Let's find out about the , and you are free to take your pick.20 awesome things to do in Thailand

The magnificent reclining Buddha and Grand Palace

Reclining Buddha and Grand Palace

Well, it is hard to believe that the reclining Buddha is actually 15 meters high and 46 meters long. It is the largest figure of Buddha Bangkok, and it is a treat to see the golden beauty. Commonly known as Wat Pho, this place is the oldest Wat in Bangkok. Only one place can give a competition to Wat Pho and that is Grand Palace. Your visit to Thailand will be incomplete without visiting the Great Temples. The Royal Residence covers an area of 218,400 square meters, and you get to see the elegant emerald Buddha there.

Ride on the slow boat in Thailand

To absorb the local flavour of Thailand, you can share the slow boat with the locals and ride along the Mekong River. The journey from Luang Parabang Laos to Chang Rai will be indeed an amazing experience. It takes two days to complete the journey. Get your own food and drink and maybe your favourite book and music. Life on the banks is not quite extraordinary; but definitely entertaining, especially because Thailand will never seem the same after this boat ride. There is a high speed boat as well; but that won't be so much fun.

Riding to the Myanmar border

A motorcycle ride to the Myanmar border can be an amazing experience; because the ride through the winding mountain roads with wind in your hair will be truly enthralling. There are not many who actually get the opportunity to explore the lush landscape of Thailand's countryside. The highlight of the trip is definitely the Myanmar border; but as you travel through the countryside it is hard to miss the scenic beauty of the place.

Rock climbing in Railay

Are you a rock climbing enthusiast? Well, then Railey is the place to be. The place is full of different routes for all grades of climbers to explore. Those with no experience at all, should not be disappointed because the place boasts of a few introductory schools which have full courses in rock climbing. The view from the top will be stunning. But just a small word of caution! You can buy your travel insurance from before you venture for rock climbing!

The world's largest water fight

Water fight in Thailand

Forget about La Tomatina or Holi; the new-age water fight in Thailand will be quite an experience. If you are visiting Thailand during Songkran Festival, you can be part of the world's largest water fight for four long days. The best place to experience this cool fight is definitely Chang Mai. This water fight coincides with traditional Thai New Year. As this is the hottest time of the year, there is every reason to celebrate with buckets of water. People stand by the roads waiting with buckets of water; and as pass them you can soon feel the splashes.

Sea kayaking in Krabi

Sea kayaking

It will be a sin to miss kayaking in Krabi. Krabi is full of amazing places; take a boat, paddle through the cave and you will be pleasantly surprised by encountering the gorgeous lagoon on Adamen Sea. If you have the time, you can also camp at one of the uninhibited islands. As the silent evening slowly unfolds, you stand captivated by the untouched beauty of nature.

Eat to your heart's content

Your culinary exploration can be quite an experience in Thailand; not only because Thailand has some of the most amazing dishes in Asia, but also you will be simply lost in the variety. Some of the staples which have mesmerised tourists are Green Curry Chicken and Pad Thai. But you cannot miss the seafood platter; nor can you miss the fine dining restaurants in Thailand. From street food joints to chicken takeaways to open markets selling some of the unique dishes, Thailand is a true food lover's paradise.

Pamper yourself with a massage

Massage in Thailand

Thailand, especially Bangkok has some amazing massage parlours. Before you go, you can ask the locales and they will spot the best place for you. From a foot massage to a scalp massage to a full body treatment with aromatherapy oils, you can find everything under the sky. For the best spas in the country, Koh Samui is the place to be.

Trekking through the hilly region

Chiang Rai

Some journeys will create evergreen fresh memories and you will cherish them long after. You can trek through the hilly regions of Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai to know more about the hilly tribes. The journey would include staying in a homestay, cooking with the tribes, ride on an elephant or even go for bamboo rafting.

Partying hard in Thailand

Partying in Thailand

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. It is time to let your hair down and experience the rocking side of Thailand. Some of the islands like Koh Phangan and Koh Samui are famous for their local drive bars. One night full of revelry and fun awaits you.

Buy a new suit

Shopping is fun in Thailand and there are probably thousands of shops and markets which you can explore. But have you ever thought about getting a new suit while you are in Thailand? You can have a top-quality made-to-measure suit in one of the custom tailor shops around the Pratunam Market in Bangkok.

Visit the second-hand shoe shop in Phuket

Lost your shoes in Phuket? Well, there is a slim chance that you can buy it back from the Phuket Weekend Market. Next time when you are wearing a pair of brand new Nike to someone's house in Phuket, it might just get picked up by someone. But then, you will have the weekend market to find your lost pair!

Indulge in jellyfish bathing

Jellyfish bathing in Haad Pak Phra beach

There is a place in north Phuket which is known as Haad Pak Phra Beach which is famous for jellyfish bathing. Well, you have heard it correct. They bathe and clean the jellyfish every day to dry and sell it in the market for culinary purposes. Though it sounds a little weird, you can still try your hand at this strange activity and you may even like it!

Visit the Rod Fai Market near Chatuchak

Rod Fai Market

Initially, this was an open-air bazaar, set on an abandoned railroad track, but now it stands behind the Seacon Square Shopping Mall. You will get everything that is vintage and classic in this market. The antique furniture, the vintage collectibles, and the goods reminding you of hippy fashion are all scattered on the ground. You just need to make your pick!

Visit the Bangkok Forensic Museum

Bangkok Forensic Museum

The Bangkok Forensic Museum is different; and this storehouse truly caters to the fact that strange is beautiful! The artefacts are positively sinister. There are six different museums in two separate buildings, but probably only the creepiest can enthrall you. You should be prepared for the shock of your life!

Enjoy a movie in Scala Cinema

Scala Cinema

This is one of the most amazing one-screen movie halls in Thailand. This movie hall was built in the year 1967 and there is something very classy about its entire ambience. The retro seating arrangement is one of the major highlights of this hall. From the decor to the tickets, everything has been preserved to retain the sense of vintage classiness. The movie watching experience will be very unique in Scala Cinema.

Visit the khlongs

Bangkok Thonburi Khlongs

If you are really interested to know how people used to live in old wooden townhouses and stilted shacks, you need to visit Bangkok Thonburi Khlongs. The klongs are canals of the city and as you ride through the canal, you will encounter Thonburi to get a glimpse of old Bangkok. It is a pleasure to see a part of old Bangkok which is not just an amalgamation of six-lane expressways and skyscrapers.

Shopping at the night markets

Thailand night market

Before you head back home, visit the night markets and you will discover a hidden gem. Those who are looking for a souvenir will definitely find something to their liking. Take your time as you explore the hidden nooks and corners of the markets.

Visiting the Archipelago Cinema

Archipelago Cinema

Well, it is time to experience the beauty of the first open-air floating cinema. The viewers will float in the middle of a beautiful lagoon in Strait of Malacca, rocking with the flow and watch the screen in the front. This floating auditorium which was designed by Ole Scheeren, wanted to create a 'sense of droftwood'.

Experiencing the supernatural

The Sathorn Unique skyscraper was one of the most important construction projects of Thailand in 1990s. But the Asian financial crisis brought a havoc change in the economy and like many other projects; the construction of this 49-storied building was stalled too. The half-finished architecture has a post-apocalyptic feel, and locals say that the building is haunted. There is a sense of strange eerie about this building and it is hard to miss that feeling when you are near!

As you prepare the list, there will be many things you want to explore or experience and which will be left out! But Thailand cannot be experienced in one visit alone; there is a gamut of experiences and you need more than one visit to know its core.


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