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Women Travel Groups vs Solo Travellers

April 03, 2019

Women Travel Groups vs Solo Travellers

Like everything, the travel habits of Indian women are changing fast. Gone are the days when a chaperone was required whenever a woman had to travel to a distant place. Today, Indian women have taken charge of their lives and can be found travelling singly or in groups to every corner of the world.

To assume that when women travel in a group it’s due to any kind of insecurity would be amiss. Mostly it’s a case of ‘more the merrier’. We all know women bond and share intimacy with each other much more than their male counterparts.

And a woman who travels solo isn’t much different from the one who do it in groups. As humans, we are always looking for excitement, love, solace and solicitude; other times it can be congenial companionship or a time for celebration.

So whatever the intention; group or solo, this world is huge and beautiful, take a plunge.

The Wander Girls or TWG

TWG as the name suggests, TWG organizes trips for women only and they are based in India. They do this for groups as well as solo travellers. Group trips are organized every month and are a big hit. Even the manager accompanying the group is a woman. Some insights TWG shares about women travelling together are that camaraderie, laughter and sharing of secrets and problems is easy and comfortable in same sex groups.  Visitors wishing to visit India for a safe and comfortable trip are also welcomed to contact TWG.

Solo Woman Traveller

Here’s a list of some fantastic travel places that are safe for single women compiled by Meg Nolan of A veteran traveller and editor of prestigious travel publications.

Iceland: A hot destination, notoriously friendly for female travellers.

Byron Bay, Australia: Wellness camps, healthy eating and Yoga.

Cambodia: Comfortable and ideal for female adventurers.         

Nairobi, Kenya: Interesting people doing interesting things.

Oman: With Zighy Bay Hotel and fairy-tale images and mirages.

New Zealand: Most visited by solo travellers and extremely safe. Breath-taking natural beauty and lots of outdoor adventure for you.

Basque Country, Spain: Cuisine, culture, art and traditions and the famous Guggenheim museum.

Amsterdam the Netherlands: Whatever you do, wherever you go, take your bike. There are more bikes in Amsterdam than people.

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