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Road trip from London to Paris

May 08, 2019

Road trip from London to Paris

What’s the best way to travel between the two iconic cities of London and Paris. Let’s check out the options. If you take a flight from Paris to London and vice versa, it will take roughly about 1 to 1.5 hours to complete the journey; and that includes custom and airport formalities and check-in. Even a Eurostar will transport you from one city to the other in two hours straight. Both the options are hassle-free and time-saving to say the least.

And yet none of it will have the charm of a road trip. It will be a worthwhile experience to explore the two diverse terrains and soak in the pages of history that lies between the two most impressive cities of the world. If you literally want to know ‘the tale of two cities’, then it’s the road trip that you must embark on – the drive from London to Paris.

Cities that will impress

Just 50 miles away from south of London, you will see one of the most impressive landscapes of England. The South Downs is a beautiful range of undulating chalk hills that is spread over an area of 260 square miles. And as you go past these chalk hills, you will come across

Devil’s Dyke, the most amazing dry valley. If legend is to be believed, this valley was dug by Satan himself who wanted to dig a channel to let sea water to drown all the local parishioners.

If the natural landscape is diverse in Devil’s Dyke, then Brighton will give you a glimpse of the diverse artistic landscape of the country. Brighton is known as the bohemian enclave of art activists and artists. And if art was not enough to impress an onlooker, you can soak in the sun on Brighton’s seafront.

As you drive west along the coastal road of Newhaven, you can take a simple detour along the Alabastar coast of Normandy. The beautiful white chalk cliffs contrasted with the deep blue ocean is indeed a vision.

The shapes are best viewed at Etreat Plage, a beach which is encased within giant stone arches and needles of rocky structures. Take a look at the lovely historical city of Rouen, the historical French city with a typical medieval old town charm. The narrow-cobbled streets, the rising cathedral in the middle of the city, the center where Joan of Arc was burnt alive – all adds to the charm of Rouen.

Some crucial advice

It will take about 7 to 9 hours to drive down from London to Paris. You must keep your essential documents handy because you may need them on your way.

It is good to remember that Brits and French drive on opposite sides of the road; so if you are rented a car from London, it might be of no use in Paris. If you are driving, you need to go through the English Channel by a ferry. You need to pay your fees to get your car through the channel. Some of the major highways in Paris are A1 in the northern side (Benelux and Great Britain), A13 which runs through northwest France, from Rouen and Normandy. Know your route and go through the map carefully before you start driving. The countryside is pretty peaceful; the journey will be quite soothing, but the same cannot be said about the cities. Traffic can be quite hectic, so you need to remember that patience is a great virtue at times! Make sure you carry an abundant amount of Pounds or Euros as required, with rest assured, you’ll be getting the best exchange rates.

Enjoy your ride from London to Paris; it will be an amazing journey, because this journey will create some beautiful memories which will last a lifetime!

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