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Renting a car overseas

April 16, 2019

Renting a Car Overseas

In countries where there is a reasonably well developed road network, you will find companies renting cars. These can be stylish sports compacts; SUV’s and even people carriers. If you do your preparation well, this can radically transform you vacation from average to sublime. Keep in mind that the first time this will be quite difficult, but with every subsequent trip, the procedure will feel easier and less cumbersome.

Some Helpful Tips:

  1.      Documents: Valid international driving license or international permit; Proof of identity (passport, etc.); Spend more on Insurance and make sure it covers all your needs.(and read the fine print).
  2.      Maps & Navigation: Make it easier on yourself and carry some kind of navigation system before driving off. It’s not always certain that your rental will come with a Sat. Nav. or GPS so in that case download maps to your mobile that don’t use data. If all else fails, carry old fashioned maps. If using the car rental companies GPS, ask if you are being charged extra and remember to change the GPS language to English before starting.
  3.      Renting: Go on-line to compare prices. Car rental prices vary a lot, so do due diligence and read the reviews of the companies you want to contact. If you have any anxieties, call them and clarify before booking.
  4.      Setting off: Before you set off in your rented car, the first and foremost thing to do is to familiarize yourself with the driving guidelines of the country; its traffic codes and signage. Always be aware of the speed limits when passing through small towns or driving on highways. As a foreigner, you are more liable to cause accidents, ‘statistically speaking’; therefore you should take more care.  
  5.      Accidents and Liability: It’s a bad bad world out there and you got to take care not to get ripped off. Sometimes the car given to you might have scratches, dents and other minor defects. If you are not careful, the damage will be blamed on you when you return it. Make sure the company representative is aware of it. Take pictures of these and share them with him, this will avoid problems later.
  6.      Renting involves a lot of work and effort but it’s worth it. After the first time it will be relatively easier. The rewards are just too many to recount as you will soon discover. All you need is persistence, info and resources.


Renting a car is very much like reserving a hotel room or an airline seat. The earlier you do it, the less it will cost and the choices on offer will be more.

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