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Lofoten Island - Travel Guide

June 04, 2019

Lofoten Island - Travel Guide

The Scandinavian country of Norway is nothing short of paradise, with its stunning fjords, looming mountains, lush and startlingly green spaces, variety in topography and rich biodiversity. The country is also famed for its Viking ships, historical buildings, and activities like hiking, fishing or skiing. And Norway is also a traveler’s delight owing to the Lofoten Islands, which promises photographic scenery and a medley of nature’s finest colors, textures and wonders! So if you are planning to go on a life-changing trip to Norway, find out more about the unearthly pleasures this archipelago has to offer.

Natural beauty

Lofoten comprise of four major islands namely, Austvagoy, Vestvagoy, Moskenesoy and Flakstadoy - which are almost knit together with many other smaller islands.

When viewed from afar, the entire terrain resembles a single range of mountains. The islands are encircled by innumerable rocky islets, and myriad fjords and inlets have made the islands their home. Gigantic rock walls soaring up to 3,300ft can be found here too.

Rich marine life

The sea is rich with life here. The world's largest deep water coral reef, called theRost Reef, is located west of Rost. Lofoten has a very high density of sea eagles and cormorants, and millions of other sea birds, among them the colorfulpuffin. Ottersare common, and the moosecan be found on the largest islands. You will come across beautiful stretches of woodlands too. The Lofoten Islands enjoy a significantly milder climate than other areas of the world which lie on the same latitude. And this is because of the warm Gulf Stream. So if you are travelling to the islands between late May and the middle of July, you will get to witness the unique charm of the midnight sun. And between September and the middle of April, you might get to view the stunning Northern Lights.

The magical lights

If you want to photograph the islands in white, then January to March is the best time. The average winter temperatures are just below freezing, and the weather usually changes quite fast. The Lofoten Islands are also where you might get to witness the miraculous natural occurrence of the famed Northern Lights, also called Aurora Borealis, if you get lucky of course. The magical Northern Lights may appear in many different hues; though pink and pale green are the colors most commonly observed. If reports are to be believed, then you might catch a glimpse of shades like green, blue, red, violet, and yellow too! Aurora Borealis can appear in a variety of forms such as, patches or randomly strewn clouds of light, enchanting arcs, gently rippling curtains, colorful streamers, or shooting rays. And it is definitely a sight to behold, when those lights illuminate the night sky with an otherworldly glow.

Adventure explosion

For adventure buffs, there are plenty of activities to choose from, like a guided Northern Light trips. It is essentially a safari for Northern Lights organized by RHIB, which will help you to relish this exclusive experience, away from the urban din and disturbance. Lofoten by horse is another wonderful experience where you get to ride on Icelandic horses in Lofoten. For more adventurous souls, there is scuba diving within the Arctic Circle in the waters surrounding the Lofoten Islands. You could also sail off on rib boats to enjoy the magnificent sea eagles. Don’t forget to rent a bike if you are heading for Northern Norway during summer.

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