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Beijing Travel Guide for Indians going on Vacation

August 31, 2018

Beijing Travel Guide for Indians Going on Vacation

The roasted duck is still the Peking Duck but the city is now called Beijing. The city is at least three thousand years old and once all the ancient silk roads led to it. It considered itself the Middle Kingdom i.e. a kingdom between heaven and earth and superior to all other kingdoms. Beijing was also known as the ‘Forbidden City’ and closed off to most foreigners.

Times have changed, Beijing is again turning into a world center; new silk roads are radiating from the city to the whole world, carrying much more than just silks. Its history in making and you can witness it first hand in Beijing, and this time you will be welcomed.

To avoid the rush, don’t visit any popular site during Chinese holidays.

Forbidden City is ringed by red walls and has the largest palace complex in the world, with well preserved ancient buildings. Home to two dynasties, it was the home of the last emperor until 1911. Alternately, you could visit the Mini-Forbidden City located at Prince Kung's Mansion, Xicheng District, Beijing. This one isn’t that crowded.

The Great Wall is said to be the only manmade structure visible from outer space and part of it lies within Beijing municipality. It’s not a continuous wall but interspaced with natural barriers such as steep mountains or deserts.

Tiananmen Square is the world’s largest square and the symbolic center of the Chinese universe. An impressive flag hoisting ceremony is performed daily at sunrise. The square is flanked by Soviet-style buildings and was conceived by Mao to project his party’s power.

Temple of Heaven Park is Confucian in design and highly stylized in accordance with this philosophy. Strictly speaking, these are not temples but alters where the Emperors performed rituals and sacrifices for harvests and divine intervention. The park has thousands of cypresses trees, some that are 800 years old and propped up with poles.

798 Art District is a collection of disused industrial factories built by the East Germans during Mao’s time, converted to exhibit art. Some prominent ones are the 798 Art Factory, the Danish managed Faurschou Foundation, Springs Centre of the Arts, the North Korean Mansudae Art StudioUCCA and it’s store, and many more. There are a number of cafes and an elevated walkway to the eastern end which offers photogenic views.

Chairman Mao Memorial Hall offers a surreal experience with his embalmed corpse on public display. All bags, cameras, etc have to be deposited and you will also need to carry your passport along.

To visit China you need to avoid major festivals and bank holidays unless it’s your intention to witness festivities; the crowds can be overwhelming. Book early and get early bird discounts and other bargains. For all your travel expenses, opt for EbixCash World Money and its Multi-Currency Card, valid worldwide at all Visa outlets. The card comes with pin/chip security and has 24x7 customer support. Get travel insurance as well before going.

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