Travel Tips for Wander Woman – Stay Financially Savvy!

July 09, 2018

Travel tips for wander woman

In theory, if you wish to travel light, you can board an aircraft just carrying your passport, a credit card, some money, and probably a set of clothes. Everything else can be bought at the destination. But surely, not even the most stringent light travelers set out for a vacation like that. And with women, it’s futile talking in the ‘least zone’.

The latest travel trend to hit the streets is embarking on solo vacations. While it may seem exciting traveling to exotic locations all alone, it’s better to be well prepared and vigilant to reduce the likelihood of unexpected, painful situations. More so if you are a solo woman traveler. It is important to learn to completely rely on yourself, for any personal or financial essentials. Read on to find out how you can make the most of your vacation, by being financially prepared and packing right.

Handling your finances well is one of the most important aspects of your trip to a foreign land. The below mentioned financial hacks will help you utilize every penny well.

  • Emergency wallet: Emergencies, by definition, are unpredictable. Hence, proactively planning for them will save you from landing in trouble. A forex travel card acts as your emergency financial provider, used globally to withdraw money or indulge in multi-currency transactions. Facing emergencies such as airline cancelations, itinerary changes, medical emergencies, etc. are quite common. Your pre-paid travel card backs you up in such situations.
  • Understanding money-swindling tricks: Prior to your travel, always research on the common types of scams and thefts that take place in the destination you’re heading to. It will help you stay alert and stop yourself from being led into such situations. This is also why you should buy forex card instead of relying on cash. With a forex card, your money is secure in a network, protected by a chip and pin. Alternatively, you can block the card in case it gets stolen, and also request for a quick replacement to save you from the agony.
  • Choose your transportation mode wisely: Though renting a car may seem the safest and the most convenient alternative, sometimes, public transportation at your destination may be more economical and travel-friendly. Taking public transport allows you to explore the city as a local, having people around to guide you. However, if you decide to visit the countryside or some remote areas, you may want to consider a car rental due to the uncertainty of local transport in such places.
  • Add some protection:  Despite advance planning, there is always a possibility of unforeseen situations during a trip abroad. To avoid losses, you should always opt for travel insurance before you set out for a journey. However, the good news is that most forex cards come with a free travel insurance policy that secures your trip in every way possible.

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As our parting words, for a really comfortable vacation, apart from ensuring that your finances are in place, you should keep a check on the basic travel essentials too. When you leave home, make sure you have a comfortable yet durable, light-weight suitcase/ bag pack with all the necessary paperwork, toiletries, clothes, electronics, and gears to save you from any last minute hassles.

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