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8 Reasons why you need a Forex Card and Advantages of Forex Card

April 17, 2018

8 Reasons why you need a Forex Card and Advantages of Forex Card

If you are planning to travel outside India for business or sightseeing then you will need to plan not just hotel bookings, airline tickets, etc., but also a flexible, inexpensive and safe way to carry your money. And students who are enrolled in foreign educational institutions will have recurring need for funds from home. 

As a foreigner in a strange land, keep in mind you are more vulnerable. Being stranded in a foreign country is no joke. I’m no alarmist, but it’s better to avoid asking complete strangers or casual acquaintances for help and it can be acutely embarrassing.

Although I firmly believe that most people, even if stranded in the middle of strange land with no resources will survive and get out with no permanent damage, having a forex card will make the ordeal much easier. 

So here are some reasons why EbixCash World Money Forex Card is best suited for you.

1. The markup

Suppose you buy dollars from a currency dealer, he will typically charge you Rs.2 per dollar as his commission. When you buy the same currency with your EbixCash Forex Card the currency conversion charges will be at waved off at IBR or Interbank rates. 2. Lost or Stolen

The EbixCash Forex Card is equipped with a chip and pin. In case it’s stolen, it can be easily blocked and the funds frozen. You can then activate another card and your money from the lost/stolen card will be transferred to it.

3. Immune to Fluctuations

When you purchase forex card from EbixCash World Money it will be at the prevailing market rate, the amount purchased is then immune to later fluctuations i.e. If the amount on your card is $1000, it will stay $1000.

4. Multiple Currencies

You don’t need multiple cards for different currencies. Our EbixCash World Money Forex Card lets you load multiple currencies on the same card with the same level of security and ease of use.

5. EbixCash World Money vs Debit/Credit Cards

Most bank debit/credit cards will levy 2% to 11% additional charge per transaction. Why pay this when you can avoid it by using a forex card?

6. Currency Fluctuations and Debit/Credit cards

Something known as DCC charge is levied when you use a Debit/Credit card issued by banks. The acronym DCC stands for ‘Dynamic Currency Conversion’. Can you guess who this favors? These charges can also make your travel budget go haywire.

7. Globally Accepted

Your EbixCash World Money Forex Card will be accepted globally since it works on both Visa and MasterCard network.

8. Cheapest, Safest and Best Option              

It can be used for online shopping, at ATM’s for withdrawing cash and for swiping at all Point of sales outlets that accept cards. A EbixCash World Money Forex Card will keep you safe and secure when overseas instead of carrying risky cash in your pockets.

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