Top 10 Tips for Studying Abroad

July 05, 2019

Top 10 Tips for Studying Abroad

  1. Paperwork: This is the start point of your application and relocation process, and will also be in play once you are moving around in the new country and busy with your education. Remember to create separate folders for things like fees, payments, Student Visa and other such details. Finally, your past mark sheets and academic documents should go into a separate folder. Also, take special care of your passport and bank details including your debit and credit cards, while you are on the go. It would be worthwhile to invest in a small locker that you can place in your room.
  2. Payments: If you are receiving money from back home or a stipend, it would be worthwhile to find out the best way to receive this money without paying excessively high transfer and exchange rates. Inquire about the best money transfer rates with
  3. Local People: Make at least one local friend with whom you can take help from to navigate your way around the area. Also, if you are staying with a host family, make a special effort to get to know them.
  4. Language: For many people leaving their country for the first time, language and new accents can be a major deterrent. Learn to listen and develop a feel for the accent and new language so that you blend in more easily.
  5. List of Expenses: From cooking supplies in the new country to books and other such expenses, ensure that you have done some amount of research and set yourself a monthly budget so as to avoid going broke in the new country.
  6. Friends: Make new friends who may also be new to these shores so that you have some company and support as you go about fitting in.
  7. Insurance: Find out and sign up for health insurance as soon as you reach. Chances are that your sponsors may have taken care of this aspect for you. If not, you will have to find out and do the needful as a matter of priority. Check what kind of insurance you can buy on your existing visa. Also be sure to take a travel insurance for the transit.
  8. Copies: Keep copies of all your essential documents and scan them on to your phone for easy access and safe keeping in case of loss.
  9. Packing: Always take only what is absolutely essential. Speak to someone already living there, if you know him or her, so as to pack accordingly.
  10. Be Open: Be careful, not scared. And most of all – be open to new opportunities and explore the new country!

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