Higher Education in the UK

March 26, 2018

Higher Education in the UK

In the case of higher education, how do we rank UK Universities?

We judge them by the outcome of successful careers. So let’s take five important indicators and give each a certain percentage weightage according to how much we value that trait.

Keep in mind, this system can never be anything but arbitrary. The values we ascribe will always be based on personal preferences. This system can be applied for commercial education and to a lesser extent for engineering and does not apply to philosophical or theosophical.


Employer reputation (30%)The best and most acceptable way is thought to be the views of employers.

Alumni Outcomes or successful careers (25%)

Partnership of university with businesses (25%)Level of university’s collaboration with top 2000 global companies.

Employer/Student connection (10%) Where businesses promote student projects.

Graduate employment rate (10%) How many are in full time employment within one year of finishing their education.           

1. University of Cambridge; Employability Ranking 6th best in the world. Successful alumni were Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton,

2. University of Oxford; Employability Ranking 8th best in the world.

Successful alumni were Oscar Wilde, Benazir Bhutto, T.S. Eliot.

3. UCL (University College London); Employability Ranking 17th best in the world; Average salary of £30,628

4. Imperial College London; Employability Ranking 29th best in the world; Imperial College has an employer Reputation category that’s eighth in the world.

5. The University of Manchester; Employability Ranking 20th best in the world; 94% of Manchester’s graduates go straight into employment or further study.

6. University of Bristol:  Employability Ranking 50th best in the world

7. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE): Employability Ranking 54th best in the world; LSE graduates earn an average starting salary of £29,000

8. The University of Nottingham; Employability Ranking 55th best in the world;One of the top 10 UK universities targeted by the largest number of leading graduate recruiters d;

9. University of Edinburgh; Employability Ranking 60th best in the world; Graduate employability, with 90% of graduates in employment in further study six months after graduating.

10. King's College London (KCL); Employability Ranking 63rd best in the world; Dedicated to encouraging entrepreneurial potential in current students.

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