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7 Essentials Indian Moms Pack Into Your Bags Before You Fly Abroad For Studies

December 21, 2017

Sending a son or daughter abroad for studies is no less than a memorable event for an Indian Mom. She plans impeccably for the D-Day, so there are no last minute glitches. She helps you settle down in the new country even before you have taken the flight and ensures that your life remains the same even without her presence.

Here’s what you can expect your Mom to pack into your bag to make your new life hassle-free: 

  1. A bagful of desi munchies

    Try reasoning it out with your Mom that it’s impractical and cumbersome for you to carry all those delectable desi snack items that you oh-so-love, irrespective of how irresistible they are. Oh wait don’t, unless you are ready to be at the receiving end of her ire! Since mothers will be mothers, you might just have to give in to her emotional outbursts. There are high possibilities of you carrying not just a few packets of munchies, but a big bagful that’s more than sufficient to last a lifetime!
  2. Recipes for all her ghar ka khana

    Ghar ka khana is oxygen for Moms and not teaching you to prepare them to the T when you about to fly abroad is like depriving you of life! It’s the only nutrition that will keep you healthy and help you to come out with flying colours in life. Expect a diary full of recipes passed down generations in your family, followed by rigorous training sessions to make you a Master Chef before you catch your flight.
  3. Medicines that will last for years

    A Mom’s life revolves around ‘what ifs’ – what if a particular medicine is not available abroad, what if there is no one to get medicines when you need them, just to mention a few. A box full of all the medicines she can think of will definitely feature among her top priorities while packing your bags. If taking stock of medicines is not her department, she will be after your Dad till she has accomplished what she wants.
  4. Winter wear for sub-zero temperatures

    With the quantity and quality of winter wear that your Mom plans to pack for you, may make you wonder whether you will be travelling to the Arctic for your studies! Since, reasoning out with her usually doesn’t work, relent and let her pack whatever she feels is best for you. 
  5. Uncountable Xerox copies of all your ID proofs and documents

    If you see a thick and heavy file being handed over to you, don’t be surprised. It contains all the necessary identity proofs that you will ever need when you are abroad and a host of Xerox copies for each of those documents. Just in case you have forgotten your Forex Card and the necessary financial documents, rest assured that your Mom wouldn’t.
  6. International SIM Card for 24*7 connectivity

    “Don’t forgot to call when you reach” will surely be one of her parting sentences when she accompanies you to see you off at the airport. She will plan well in advance to make it possible. Expect her to get you an international SIM Card or prod you to get it. Buying one after you reach your destination is clearly out of the question.
  7. Kitchenware that will survive a lifetime

    It goes without saying that you are still a kid for your Mom. Therefore, she takes it on herself to meticulously make arrangements for everything that you will need when you are away from home. This includes an extensive variety of utensils and kitchen tools, at least the basic ones.

    While these may not be very pleasing, her absence when you are abroad will make you wonder how you could have come so far without your Mom’s constant support, come what may. Similarly, for all your financial issues in your new destination, think Ebix Cash World Money

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