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Rely on EbixCash World Money to Transfer Money to Canada from India

November 15, 2017

Rely on EbixCash World Money to Transfer Money to Canada from India

Did you know Canada’s education system is now one of the world’s top-ranked education systems? Canada is attracting a lot of international students who are pursuing an education there or even a specialized course. The infrastructure and curriculum help make Canada a worthy choice for many. Fairly relaxed and approachable government policies and easy-to-maintain standard of living, make the country a priority destination of choice for many students.

Students going to Canada will need to make regular payments and get money transferred from their home country. Here’s why using EbixCash World Money to transfer money to Canada or anywhere around the globe makes the most sense.

1. Get The Best Of Security

One of the biggest concerns of transferring money online still seems to be revolving around security. However, with EbixCash World Money, customers can be rest assured as we ensure safe transfers throughout. As we use data encryption throughout the entire transfer process, and across the entire website, our customers can transfer money with confidence and ease. You get the best of security with us time and again.

2. Save Time And Transfer Money Quickly

By eliminating undue paperwork, we bring ease and timeliness into the process of transferring money. Also, unlike banks and other financial institutions, we help you transfer money is a comparatively shorter time period, making funds more readily available to the person who is going to receive the money.  Banks may take a few days for money transfer; however, we can do so within a matter of minutes owing to our completely online platform and procedure.

3. Credible Exchange Rates

  1. Banks and other financial institutions offer foreign currency exchange rates, which may be dearer than what the actual rates are. At EbixCash World Money, we offer some of the most lucrative exchange rates – ensuring that customers don’t get shortchanged. We also offer the facility of blocking a certain exchange rate, which further safeguards our customers from continuously increasing exchange rates of the market.

4. Know The Amount That The Person Will Get

Transferring money to a student is generally done so that they can pay their tuition fee or use the funds to maintain their lifestyle at the destination where they are pursuing their education. Due to changes in currency values across two countries, the money that you sent may not be equal to what you intended to send, which may cause a shortage of funds. With EbixCash World Money as your money transfer partner, you need not worry about such things as we let you know the exact amount that the person will receive upon transfer.

5. Nominal Charges

Banks generally levy a hefty charge on money transfers made abroad. The commission may need to be borne by the remitter and the receiver, again increasing the charge of the entire transaction. Also, the charge varies depending upon the amount being transferred. At EbixCash World Money, the fees levied for transfer is nominal and comparatively lesser.

If you want to transfer money to Canada, contact us at +91 7303401234 to get the best rates for money transfers. Get started now!

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