5 Mistakes Indian Students Make Before Taking Their Flight Abroad

December 14, 2017

Every country is unique in their own way. Before you fly to a country, a certain degree of awareness about the place, coupled with some basic wisdom and presence of mind, makes the stay more adventurous and enjoyable. More so when you are moving abroad for studies and need to settle down there for at least a few months.

Let’s take a look at some of the mistakes that Indian students make before taking the flight.

1. Keep all their money in one place

We often tend to keep all our money in one place while we are traveling – in one of our pockets or wallets or in one particular place in our bags. The smart decision is to divide the money that we plan to carry into at least two to three parts and keep it in separate places. Stitching a few fake pockets on the inner surface of our jeans is a superb idea. Even if we tend to lose our money from the predictable places like wallet, bag and pocket, at least the cash kept in the hidden pockets will still stay intact.

2. Being unaware of the currency exchange value

A close tab on the frequently-changing currency exchange value helps you to keep your finances sorted. A thorough knowledge about the interest rates applicable on your card transactions when you are abroad is necessary for you to plan your expenditures accordingly. However, opting for a Ebix Cash World Money  Forex Card enables you to lock the exchange value prevailing at the time of the application of the card.

3. Not trying to blend with the local people

Diversity in cultures, traditions and languages around the world is fascinating. A peek into the uniqueness of the country that you will be flying to will give you a comprehensive idea about the place and its people. Take some initiative to know about unacceptable etiquettes and the local do’s and don’ts. Even a word or two from the local language that you can use in your everyday life will keep you away from feeling out of place and build camaraderie with the people around you.

4. Not reading the fine print on your flight ticket

Read the fine print on your flight ticket to avoid unnecessary expenditure and other hassles. Also, go through the terms and conditions of the airline that you are flying with and abide by the rules, unique to each airline, to prevent last minute glitches. Be sure about the baggage weight limit as some airlines levy hefty fees for excess baggage. Some also charge substantially if you don’t print your flight tickets.

5. Getting tickets for weekend getaways in advance

Often, students tend to get excited enough to research on the must-visit places, plan their weekends in advance and even get the tickets for those getaways. Making a list of the activities that you would love to indulge in grows your interest for the country you will go to. But, it’s best to avoid finalising the activities and the dates without discussing about your plans with someone belonging to the same city. Talk about your plans with a few classmates who are from the city as they would be able to give you the best advice.

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