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Multi-currency Travel Card – An Unlimited Forex Solution

July 09, 2018

Benefits of Multi-currency Travel Card

Who doesn’t love to be bitten by the travel bug once in a while? The thought of setting out on an international trip always seems exciting, doesn’t it? However, it involves immense pre-planning when it comes to flight bookings, accommodation, travel, food, finance, etc. if you wish to have a pleasant experience in an unknown land.  

Most people are successful in bagging the best holiday deal by browsing through several travel websites, but they often overlook the thought of forex solutions, leaving it for a later time. Choosing the best alternative to carry your forex abroad is an important part of planning any international travel. The advent of a Multi-Currency Forex Card has made life simple for travelers, especially frequent flyers.

What are Multi-currency forex cards?

It is a Forex travel card which can be loaded with multiple currencies to offer you a hassle-free and safe means of carrying money to different international locations - a revolutionary concept in erasing borders to keep your money accessible and your wallet light, no matter where you go. Using your debit/credit card to withdraw cash at an international location will turn out to be expensive due to the high surcharge.  However, with a travel card, you can withdraw money from any overseas ATM in local currency for a comparatively minimal charge. Moreover, you can also swipe the travel card while shopping at a mall or dining at a restaurant, completely free of charge.         

Features of a multi-currency travel card:

  • A multi-currency travel card contains multiple wallets of different currencies.
  • There is a separate wallet for each currency balance and you can choose to load either a single or multiple wallets depending on your travel requirements.
  • Every transaction that you carry out in a specific country will use the currency balance from that particular currency wallet.
  • If you have insufficient funds in a particular wallet, or if you wish to do a transaction in a currency that does not exist on your card, the travel card will automatically deduct funds from another currency wallet based on the authorization order set by the bank.

Loading and reloading your travel card:

You can easily buy Forex Online through a simple three-step process and load it with the desired funds across multiple currency wallets. However, if your vacation has turned into a shopping spree and you’ve run out of money, you need not worry, especially with a forex card in hand.

You can quickly re-load your pre-paid travel card from anywhere and at any time with the desired currency as long as it is within the validity period. You can re-load your card either by:

  • Reaching out to the nearest branch from where you purchased your multi-currency card, showing the relevant documents and paying the desired amount, which will immediately reflect in your card.
  • Visiting the website of the institution from where you purchased the card (if they have an online option), filling out a few details and adding the desired amount on your card.
  • Leaving a signed re-load form and authorization with your relatives or acquaintances back home.

Thus, re-funding your travel forex cards is not bound by time or place. You can add funds from any corner of the world and at any hour, as per your requirement. No wonder, even in dire situations they are your best financial companion when it comes to traveling abroad.

To know more about buying forex cards online, you can visit us at buyforex or reach out to one of our representatives on +91 7303401234.

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