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Top 5 Benefits Of Forex Cards For Students

November 15, 2017

Top 5 Benefits Of Forex Cards For Students

Getting through the admissions of your coveted institute oversees definitely calls for celebrations. But after the news has sunk in, it is time for you to get down to work and sort out your to-do list before you leave for your dream education abroad. One of the foremost things that appear very high in that list is finances, right?

However, it is no mean feat selecting what is best suited for your financial needs. Here’s where Forex Cards come into the picture and offers you the facilities that make life easy for students. After all, you are there for building a bright career and not figure out your financial requirements after you’ve relocated, isn’t it?

Here’s how a Forex Card is your ticket to making seamless transactions and receiving money transfer from India when you are studying abroad:

Zero exchange rates

For Forex Cards, the foreign exchange rate prevalent during the time of purchase is locked. It is a smart way for students to get past fluctuations in foreign exchange rates. You can keep a close tab on the exchange rates for the country you are flying to for higher studies. When the currency of that country is running strong, you can simply lock that rate for it to be considered on all the transactions that you will make with your Forex Card.

Seamless transactions online

Forex Cards are widely accepted internationally for online transactions. It can be used for payments for necessities like accommodation and college fees as well as luxury expenditure like shopping at malls – all of this at zero exchange rates.

Reload on the move

Leading Forex companies like EBIXCASH World Money now enable you to reload your card while on the go! All you need is a smartphone or laptop, and balance in your bank account for hassle-free cashless transactions.

Secure transactions

Remember how you felt when you had lost your money? Now imagine what the situation would be like if your money is stolen or you misplace it when you are pursuing education overseas. One of the primary factors that make Forex Cards a much-preferred choice is that it is linked to a secured network through a pin and a chip.  As they are not connected to your bank account, it eliminates finance-related risks.

Replacement Cards

Yet another benefit of Forex Cards is that most forex organisations like EBIXCASH World Money offer a replacement card as a part of the starter kit. After you have reported and blocked your card primary card, you can use the replacement card to continue making seamless transactions.

The representatives at EBIXCASH World Money are experts in addressing your queries and guide you regarding your Forex Card requirements. Contact us at +91 7303401234 to get all your doubts and queries answered. Call us now!

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