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Why Ebix Cash World Money travel card is the best travel card for USA

May 04, 2017

United States of America is no longer a distant dream as it was half a century ago. The land of opportunities has moved closer in many ways. Over the years there has been a steady increase in the number of Indians visiting the USA for varied reasons.

Reasons for an Indian to travel to the USA

A person from India is likely to travel to the US for-

  • Studying - USA tops the list of countries that Indian students choose to study abroad. Student loans, scholarships and better academic opportunities driver students to the USA.
  • As a tourist - As per a survey conducted by TripAdvisor way back in 2014, 7 out of 10 Indians were planning a trip abroad. And the US ranks among the top international destinations. EMIs are becoming a norm with all commodities including travel packages and travelling abroad is within reach for a much larger population of Indians now.
  • Visiting a friend/relative - With Americans of Indian origin forming the third largest group of Asians in the US, many of us have ‘someone we know’ in more than a couple of states there. Visiting friends or relatives for social occasions isn’t completely ‘a-can-never happen’ option!
  • For work assignments - MNCs are as local and as rampant as can be. Short and long term assignments do beckon batches of Indians to American offices.

For any of these prospective US travellers, one of the most important concerns that comes up is money and its management.

Some figures that should guide us in this regard- 3000-Limit to carry cash in USD out of India

2,50,000-Annual limit for carrying USD out of India in any form

Source- RBI guidelines

10,000- Estimated annual expenditure in dollars for a student, other than tuition

Source- Various surveys conducted in US universities

6512- Average dollars spent by an Indian tourist in the USA in 2013


2371- Monthly cost of living for a single person in the US in USD


Means of carrying money to the USA


Form of Money


Limitations in use




Specific advantages

Specific disadvantages



Useful for taxis, small change to be paid

1)Cannot be used for large payments

2)Confusion in denominations

3) Cannot be used for online purchases

Easy to be stolen

Easy to use by who has it in hand

Foreign exchange agents-officially from banks/tour organizers and unofficially from agents

Conventional form of payment

Limited amount


Travellers’ cheques

Need to be encashed before use as cash

1)Limited places to encash them

2)Has to be encashed in the whole amount

Easy to get lost

Can be encashed by the holder

From banks/tour organizers and specific online portals

Better than carrying cash notes or coins

1)Limited amount

2)Encashing portal dependent for rates and availability


Credit/Debit Card

Bigger avenues

1)Has high commission/tax

2)Conversion rates may not always be suitable

Stays within the wallet

Secure with a pin

From various banks


1)High utility charges

2)Charged in INR

3)Losses in conversions

4)No prompt replacement available on loss

5)Credit cards make it easy to over spend


Forex Card

(There is a special Forex Card for frequent travelers called as the Travel Card)

Used like a credit/debit card for most avenues and for cash withdrawals from ATMs


Stays within the wallet

Chip/Pin based

From banks, online service providers and some tour operators

1)Prepayment ensures controlled expenditure

2)Charged in USD 3)Convenient

4) Easy to access online to track, recharge and get replacement on loss

5)Option to recharge allows a monthly expenditure/budget pattern


For any form of money to be used-

  1. Always abide by the travel directives and guidelines issued by both the nations.  There may be changes in the specified limits and sometimes there be extra documentation or validation necessary.
  2. Be alert and aware of exchange rates.
  3. Stick to official and legal routes for foreign exchange.
  4. Ensure its care and safety!

So, for USA, if you buy a Forex Card, your trip/travel becomes quite convenient and carefree!

  • You have bought your Forex Card through your bank or an online provider who could even home deliver this card in the middle of your busy time prior to your trip.
  • You do not have to handle or worry about the quarters or dimes or nickels or pennies. So you are free to enjoy your visit or tour or give your 100% to your job!
  • You have your money in the form of a card sitting conveniently in your wallet without making it bulky!
  • You withdraw cash from the ATM only as and when you need it.  
  • You can use this card exactly like you use the debit cards back home and without a worry of any additional charges or spending more than you can afford!
  • You have charged your Forex Card when rates were favourable and in USD. Fluctuating rates will not make you fret!
  • Websites like  make it is easy to track and recharge it online. Easy recharging allows you to have a regular, periodic flow of funds. It also keeps you aware of your standings and gives you an easy way to manage funds even when you travel!
  • For any reason if you lose it, you may have a secondary card or get a prompt replacement.

What more would a US bound traveller want? So simply “Go For (ex)it dude, dude!”


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