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When You Fly Abroad for Your Education, Think Forex Cards!

September 29, 2017

When You Fly Abroad for Your Education, Think Forex Cards!

You must have heard or seen your friends, family and acquaintances avail foreign currency exchange before giving wings to their dreams of landing on foreign shores, right? In the age of digitalization, why should digital foreign exchange be left behind?

In the current day and age, when we are all hard-pressed for time balancing the different facets of life, time is the new currency. It is no different for students nurturing their aspirations of a foreign education. You study, you attend tutorials, and to top it all, you even eke out time for co-curricular activities. Phew, you are a young achiever already! After all this, you have to go and get your currency exchanged when you opt for the traditional way of money exchange. Bah!

This is where digital foreign exchange comes into the picture - to allow you more time for yourself and encourage you to achieve more. While you juggle myriad responsibilities, why not go for a EbixCash World Money Forex Card? Buy and Sell Forextransfer money and reload your card in a jiffy as you invest time in a rock-solid education at your chosen destination.

Here’s how EbixCash World Money Smart Forex Card can be your favourite companion when you are traveling abroad for higher studies.


  1. Competitive exchange rates: When you get better rates than those offered at banks and airport forex kiosks, can you ever say a ‘No’? Definitely not!
  2. Pickup and delivery at your doorstep: Service at your doorstep! Convenient, isn’t it?
  3. Select your mode of payment: Pay by cash, Debit or Credit Card. The choice is all yours.
  4. Safe transaction: An encrypted website to keep transactions undoubtedly secure.
  5. Block exchange rates: When you want to block the existing exchange rate, we’ve got a solution. Block it. Simple!
  6. Seamless procedure: Frequent travellers, we’ve got news for you! Upload and save your documents for future use. Time is precious, no doubt!


  1. Competitive exchange rates: When the currency rates are competitive when buying forex, shouldn’t it be so, while selling them too?
  2. Service at your doorstep: Seamless pickup and delivery. Because, again, time is currency.
  3. Sell currency: Choose from our list of 19 major currencies and you have it!
  4. Safe transactions: Transact safely from the comfort of your home or while on the go. Quick, indeed!
  5. Sell in an instant: Left with outstanding forex balance after your education abroad? Sell it right back to us.


  1. Exchange rates on your outward remittance: Want to transfer currency? Do it with ease.
  2. Submit documents from home: Get your documents collected from the comfort of your home.
  3. Quick online transaction: Remittance services at the click of a button!


  1. Lowest forex rates: Reload your card and avail the best exchange rates.
  2. Get your documents picked up: Pickup and delivery of documents right at your doorstep. How convenient!
  3. Reload anytime, anywhere: Enjoy the flexibility of reloading your card from wherever you are.
  4. Benefits for frequent traveller’s: Avail the advantages on your card for 5 years from the date of its issue.

Jump onto the bandwagon and jet set your way to your education dream. After all, the sky is the limit to your aspirations!

If you have any queries about buying, selling, transferring money from your forex card or reloading it, our experts can assist you with both your online and offline requirements. Contact us at +91 7303401234 and get started!

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