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Ebix Cash Forex Card - The best travel card for Indian students going abroad

April 24, 2017

Imagine life as a student again as you carry on your present day routine… Things that could have been done better or differently or even undone… These could include dreams of studying abroad. Such opportunities come by easier than they did a few years ago. What if you were to complete that dream today? Along with the multitude of positive emotions that will also bring along a barrage of questions which never figured earlier-like having to buy a forex card to travel as a student out of India!

As per the Indian Students Mobility’s Latest Trends from India and Globally (MMA, 2016) there are 165918 Indian students abroad and they are in different countries. The top 5 in the list are US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Current trends expand this list to include non-English speaking countries like Russia, China and Germany. So you see, there are 8 different countries and 8 different currencies that we need to consider even for admissions, accommodation and living expenses!

Imagine yourself in the excited shoes of a new student-walking on a new campus, on any of the foreign lands mentioned above. You have a backpack full of anticipation, excitement, hope and dreams. When you want to sit back and think about making new friends, learning the meaning of independence, embracing the ways of the new place, do you have time to sit and worry about money? Oh! But you do need money! Your tuition fees and boarding fees have been taken care of already, thanks to the myriad of finance options (student/personal loans which tend to bank on property more than anything else), if not straight from someone’s pocket… You have other needs- food supplies, some supplementary books, other interests, recreation… And you want to have them worry free! There is no parent or guardian around to ask for pocket money, there is no immediate source of easy refills or top-ups for wallets or cards, your old bank is back home… And this tops your “I miss” list!

Some in the list have a solution…others one learns to live with! Luckily, we do have teams like for the financial solution!

What are your expectations as a student in a foreign country with regards to your money? And does someone like Ebix Cash World Money fulfill them through its Buy Forex Card (solutions follow the concerns/issues with arrowheads)

As a student, I guess you would say:


I have a lot of things on hand as I land. I may take time to organize a new bank account to facilitate transfers from India. I want an immediate solution for my forex cash needs.

  1. A Forex Travel Card is activated within 24- 48 hours of purchase and charging.
  2. It allows for ATM withdrawals in a foreign country as well.


It should be an easy solution, with facilities for prompt exchange as per the best rates of exchange available. It should not be an extra burden to my parents. They should be able to transact from the comfort of their home.

  1. A Forex Card can be charged online
  2. It can be charged at a convenient time as per the suitable rates of foreign exchange available in the market
  3. Exchanging travellers’ cheques or transferring money using wire transfer or other foreign exchange methods, add 3-11% extra charges. The Forex Card eliminates these costs completely!


I would prefer not to carry too much cash. Resident Indian students can avail of foreign exchange facility within the limit of USD 2,50,000 per financial year. I would prefer regular easy refills of required amount.

  1. It is a card like a regular debit or credit card which fits into your wallet.
  2. It can be charged with an amount initially and thereafter in top-up amounts as per your needs and/or convenience. It is easy to recharge through the given portal of purchase-either through a bank or through the online system you have chosen to buy the Forex Travel Card.
  3. Your accounts can be accessed online, it becomes easy for your parents and you to know when you are running out and arrange for recharge accordingly.

Safe and Secure

I may be living in a shared accommodation. One cannot predict ones’ roommates. I do not want to be stranded for cash or stripped off my money because of some rotten egg. My money should be safe and usable only by me!

  1. If you buy the Forex Travel Card, you can be rest assured of its safety and security. It is chip based. You can operate it with the same safety and security as you do with your present debit or credit card.
  2. It allows you to withdraw money in the local currency only when you want from any ATM and use it with a secured PIN. There is no need to withdraw cash unless you need to use it! The Forex Card itself can be used to make payments!
  3. In case of loss or theft, all you need is an online information. The old card will be blocked and a replacement card is couriered to you within a week.

*Some Forex Cards may provide a secondary card to be used in such an emergency.

Versatile/Widely applicable

I may shop from supermarkets or buy something online. Or I may simply like to have cash for use as desired. My school holidays may allow me to visit other countries which may have a different currency.

  1. The Forex Card is quite multi-purpose in the sense that it can be used at various avenues including most shopping points as well as for online purchases. This is of course apart from using the card for withdrawals from ATM machines.
  2. The Forex Card offers the flexibility of multiple currencies. One can choose them as per their travel plans and destinations.

*Please check with the currency options available with your service provider.

Flexible Exchange

I may travel to India intermittently or return for good in a stipulated amount of time. The forex should be easily interchangeable whenever I wish or want.

  1. It is possible to exchange the charged amount back in Indian Rupees as per timelines specified by the service provider.

*Please check with the Forex Card Provider for exact specifications about charging amounts, recharging periods, exchange lock in times to reconvert to INR.

Hmmm…now that Ebix Cash World Money has taken care of the Forex matters for a student quite well, how about a serious ‘relook’ at studying abroad?



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