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June 13, 2018

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A word of caution - it’s chaotic, especially the city of Marrakech. And unless you let the ebb and flow of the city lead you, you may not enjoy it. Snake charmers, hawkers, and beggars will pester you, but as an Indian, I’m sure you can deal with it.  Alternately, joining a group tour will make it easier for some.

Marrakesh is the most visited city in Morocco and most of the interesting places to visit are within easy walking distance.

Marrakesh Medina or the old city is a maze of twisting narrow lanes and hustling shopkeepers. The Medina has souks (markets) for Shoes, Perfumes, Wooden goods, Leather goods and Carpets.  Every purchase entails ferocious bargaining and banter and can be great fun.

Djemma el-Fna Square is the place where half of Marrakech converges each day and more join them at night. Here you will find food stalls, carpet sellers, acrobats and traditional musicians.

The huge Hassan II Mosque, a tribute to Islamic Architecture and local craftsmanship. It's well worth a visit.

Koutoubia Mosque (built 1162) with a 70-meter high tower overlooked the king’s harem in former times so only blind muezzins were selected.

For local art and history don’t miss Dar Si Said Museum of Moroccan Arts and Crafts and Marrakesh Museum.

Majorelle Gardens are the work of a French artist Jacques Majorelle and in 2008 they were bought by Yves Saint Laurent. A museum on the grounds shows YSL’s famed legacy along with Berber artistry.

Imlil, 57 kilometers south of Marrakesh is a chilled out national park, ideal for getting out of Marrakesh’s bustle.

Tangier: In the sixties and seventies the Tangier beach was a hippie heaven and there are many songs and books which refer to this place. That’s all been sanitized now except for the water. Swimming is not advisable here.

Rabat’s Oudaias Kasbah is the original old town of Rabat and a time capsule. With its blue and white painted houses, narrow streets; the old town is a very peaceful place despite being in the city center. Another great advantage of visiting Rabat is that there are few tourists.

Fez has biggest and the most famous leather tannery in Morocco and in appearance it’s a bit like Dhobi Talao, but here its leather and not cloth that’s processed. The whole environs stink and if you can withstand the smell, you’ll find it colorful and interesting.

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