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Traveller's Cheques

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Traveller’s Cheques are pre-printed cheques that can be exchanged for cash while travelling abroad. These are easily replaced if lost or stolen, and they never expire.

Once popular, foreign travellers now prefer the convenience of prepaid Travel cards over Traveller’s Cheques. Though they are still widely accepted, Traveller’s Cheques are losing favour with many foreign establishments as well.

At BuyForex, we offer Amex Traveller’s Cheques in the following currencies :

  • US Dollar
  • Australian Dollar
  • British Pound
  • Euro
  • Japanese Yen

Our Traveller’s Cheques offer you a wide range of benefits such as :

Ease of purchase and use

  • Enjoy the convenience of online buying and doorstep delivery
  • Use them at thousands of locations all over the world


  • Carry money around safely
  • Report loss of Traveller’s Cheques anywhere

Choice of 6 Currencies

No Expiry

  • Retain your unused Traveller’s Cheques for future international trips, thanks to lifetime validity.

Ease of Encashment

  • Encash unused Traveller’s Cheques easily
  • Enjoy the option of doorstep pick-up of your unused Traveller’s Cheques

Customer Support

  • Get the assurance of 24/7 customer support, wherever you are

Apply for Traveller’s Cheque

  • Purchase Traveller’s Cheques on our website with this simple 3-step process :
  • Simply choose the product and currency and enter your travel details.
  • Block your forex rates by paying partially or simply pay the full amount.
  • Get your Traveller’s Cheques delivered at home for FREE or pick them up from our outlets.

Documentation required

  • 1. Original Passport and Visa along with self-attested photocopies.
  • 2. BTQ Form - duly filled and self-attested (in case of personal and employment travel).
  • 3. A2 Form – duly filled and self-attested (in case of overseas education and medical visit).
  • 4. PAN Card/Form 60.
  • 5. Airline Ticket